By Invitation Only:

The O. Y. O. Program

Spelling students who earn grades of 100% on five or more consecutive spelling tests may accept an invitation to participate in the "On Your Own" spelling program.  Qualifying students who accept this option may choose their own twenty words for the week.

Their homework for the week (as always, due Wednesday) will consist of two--one for the student and one for the teacher--legible copies of those 20 words and their definitions (copied from a Merriam-Websters, an Oxford English, or other equally-reputable dictionary).

The advantages of this program include the fact that the student is choosing words he or she wants to learn. Perhaps they are terms related to a desired possible career or a subject of interest, or perhaps they are simply words that looked interesting as he/she leafed through a text book or dictionary or read a novel.

The program is optional; those invited to participate are neither expected nor required to accept, and those participating may return to the regular spelling assignments at any time.

However, participants must continue to show a high level of spelling mastery of the chosen words. Occasional scores of 95% and rare scores of 90% are acceptable; scores below 90% are not acceptable--nor is failure to do the homework properly--and may be considered grounds for returning to the regular word lists.