2006 Reunion Report

The Reunion
These volunteered in one capacity or another: Bob Altuna, Paul and Mary Curry, Phil and Bonnie Flowers, John Gwin, Ann Hermes, Carl Hill, Pat Hippo, Bill Horne, Missie Lockyear, Tom Taylor, Lonnie Theye

When it was:
Saturday and Sunday, August 5 and 6, 2006

Where the Banquet was:
SI Italian Bistro, home of Sweet Indulgence Bakery -- 523 E. Idaho, Las Cruces, NM -- (505) 523-1572 (see menu

Sarah Hixon, manager of the restaurant, her husband Jeremy, master chef, and their staff did a bang-up job of having the downstairs room set up at 5:00 pm (an hour early), serving us individually throughout the evening , providing us with excellent cuisine, and allowing us to stay until eleven (an hour after their regular closing)!

How much it cost:
1. One's travel here.

2. One's dinner (we each ordered our own from the menu at Si Italian Bistro -- entrees were $6.50 to $16, avg. about $12 -- plus drinks, desserts, tax, and gratuity).

3. One's picnic lunch (we purchased our own between church and the picnic from favorite restaurants or fast-food places and brought it with us to the picnic).

4. One's housing (see below).

5. One's offering -- a love offering was taken at the worship service Sunday morning to benefit the ministries of five of our full-time missionaries who came and to help support two of our widows who were present.

The Speakers:
Hal Jensen agreed to be our speaker. Hal also worked on getting Jerry White (former president of The Navigators) and Alan Andrews (present U.S Director of the Navs) to come, but their schedules prohibited this. Kevin Coyle spoke briefly about his ministry twice: a power-point presentation at the picnic and a sharing time at the worship service. Pete Gerhard shared regarding our partaking of the symbolic Body and Blood which he and Jeanne prepared and served.

We were offered a reduced rate for a nearby local motel, Sleep Inn here in Las Cruces. Hal's and Karen's daughter, Kristina Harmon, arranged group rates for us at $39.00 a night! 
The rooms were held on a first-come-first-served basis.
Kristina wrote:
From: "Kristina Harmon" <kristina_harmon@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Jun 27, 2006  12:05:47 PM US/Mountain
To: jmcdgwin@zianet.com
Cc: karjen@mindspring.com
Subject: Group Reservation at the Sleep Inn

John, Good news.  I spoke with the general manager (Pearl Olsen) at the Sleep Inn this morning, and she is holding a block of approx. 10 non-smoking rooms under my name for the reunion.

Just have everyone call the Sleep Inn directly at 505-522-1700 and ask them to book their reservation under the "Kristina Harmon group" for the weekend of August 4th, and they'll book everyone's individual reservation (so they can all pay separately) at just $39/night. You can't beat that!

Sleep Inn, 2121 S. Triviz, Las Cruces, NM 88001 -- (505) 522-1700


Sleep Inn is located at the northwest corner of the intersection of University Avenue and I-25. (Triviz is the west side frontage road to I-25.)

Sharon and I drove to Chicago in the summer of 2005 and later calculated that we could've saved a bundle by flying. Yes, gas prices are headed through the roof, and for some, flying might be just the ticket. Let us know if you'll need someone to pick you up in El Paso. Delie Rardin is using this option and has made arrangements for others to pick her up, so don't be afraid to investigate this.

Videotaping--Can someone who has a video camera volunteer to do that?

Mary Curry and others have done this in the past, but we're not planning this for this reunion.

1.  Pat Hippo is hosting an informal get-together for the ladies at her home Saturday afternoon at 1:00. She says:
"The time would be 1:00 pm on August 5th at 2043 Wagonmound Trail, Las Cruces, 88012.  Phone number is still 505-522-8507. The invitation is open to all the gals involved in ministry and the wives of the guys and older children of the the people involved if they would like to come. We will have dessert and beverages. It was a rich time of sharing the last time, so it will be an informal time. We will probably have a sharing time, but the gals can feel free to come and go as they need. Looking forward to the time."

To get there from the Sleep Inn (University Avenue and I-25), take I-25 north to the U.S. 70 exit, staying the far right lane. This exit splits three ways: left to Las Cruces, straight to White Sands, and right to Del Rey Blvd. Stay to the right, passing K-mart on your right and moving to the far left lane. Turn left at the light onto Del Rey and go under U.S. 70 through the next light. You'll pass a gas station on your right and then Mars Drive, also on your right. Stay on Del Rey about a quarter to a half mile past Mars Drive and turn right onto Settler's Bend. Follow this two blocks to Wagonmound Trail on your right.

2.  Rather than having a walking tour as we'd originally suggested, the NMSU Alumni Office has told us that they will very likely be able to provide us with a free bus tour of the campus Saturday afternoon! We are working on coordinating this with Pat's shindig for the gals so that those who want to can make both of these events. Bring your cameras!


Note Change of Plans

Plan B:  The weather forecast for Sunday is for rain, so Paul and Mary Curry have graciously offered their house as the site for our picnic. 

From Sleep Inn, turn left onto University Avenue and go across the interstate. Turn right at the light onto Las Alturas which is the frontage road of I-25 South. Go one mile south, turn left on Mission Bell. Proceed East one mile until you come to the corner of Falcon Drive and Wildwood Place. Address is 4504 Wildwood Place. White brick home on the southwest corner.

To keep it simple, everyone should still bring her/his own picnic lunch. Many fast-food restaurants are available on El Paseo Drive. Paul says their barbecue grill will be available for any who wish to grill something.

They have a heated pool, so if you want to bring your swim gear and a towel, go for it.

Local folks, please bring a few lawn chairs--thanks!

Paul says:

We have a nice pool with a gazebo that people can sit around and in, a 60' shaded patio, 3 large public areas in the house. We have 3 bathrooms. There is a pool table for the younger set or older set. We have had parties for more than 60 there, so think about it if you want to move the venue from the park. We would be happy to host it. There is a bar-b-q grill people can grill their food on. Let them know it is a heated pool, and there's also a pool table; if their young people want to use it, it will be open and ready to go. Also a hot tub.

Picnic at Preciado Park on campus near married student housing. If you enter campus from University Avenue at Espina Street, continue south to the third stop at Stewart Street. Turn left on Stewart, go two blocks east to Williams; turn right one block to Gregg; turn right again and park along Gregg.

Please park along the curb on the park side (north side) of the Gregg Street. Please do not park on the housing side of the street. We've been assured by the Conferences Services Office (through whom we reserved the pavilion at Preciado) that there will be no parking permits needed nor parking citations issued.

Mesilla Valley Christian School has again donated the use of their library. The school is located at 3850 Stern Drive in Las Cruces. To get there from the Sleep Inn Motel, go west on University Ave. to El Paseo Road. Turn left and follow it under the interstate. Be in the left lane and turn left at the light onto the frontage road, Stern Drive. The school is about a quarter to a half mile on the right. Enter the building by walking between the main building (Founders Hall) and the gym to the double doors on the left. The library will be to your immediate right.

Lonnie has asked Pete Gerhard to lead the Communion Service.

Tom Taylor has agreed to lead singing with Bill Horne.

Hal has agreed to speak and to invite Jerry White and Alan Andrews to speak also.

Five years ago, Dave Morgan took and made copies of the group picture you see at the top of the page.

We're working on getting someone to take pictures for us and to videotape the banquet sharing time. Volunteers?

EMAIL the following info to John Gwin: jmcdgwin@zianet.com
YES, we plan to be at the reunion!





and who's not
as of
Aug 2:

Who's coming as of Aug 2:

Rachel Alberson 1

Bob Altuna 1

Joe Aragon 1

Jim and Chelle Courter

Kevin Coyle 1

John & Karen Curry

Paul & Mary Curry

Bob and Patty Day

Kathy Dube 1

Dave Dube 1

Ed and Joanne Emerick

Phil and Bonnie Flowers

Mike, Linda, and Shannon Gerhard

Pete and Jeanne Gerhard

John Gwin 1

Ann Hermes 1

Carl and Ginny Hill

Pat Hippo 1

Bill and Debbie Horne

Ed and Matthew Hoskins

Pat Irons 1

Carolyn Jenkins 1

Hal and Karen Jensen

Bob and Missy Lockyear

Norm and Kathy Malm

Moises Montoya 1

Delie Rardin 1

Jack and Leslie Robinson

Tom and Jane Taylor

Lonnie, Maria, Andrea, Nathan, and Becky Theye

Dave West 1

Marc and Bernie White

___ ___ ___ __

14 30 6 5

Bob and Becky Anderson

Bob and Deb Buckler

Keith and Sue Christie

Glenn and Kathy Davis

Mike and Lee Delano

Rick and Cindy Denman

Paul and Kathy Long De Pree

Becky Denman Durfee

Dwight and Ruth Hill

Dan Hogan

Gary and Ruth Lines

John and Lavonne Lucero

Don and Bess Malin

Pat and Sylvia McGuire

Gary and Michelle McMillan

Mark and Vee Ann Miller

David & Marcy Morgan

Pat and Connie Murdock

Ed and Jo Newell

Dave and Lydia Prado

Lee & Moira Rawson

Ralph Rodriguez

Jack and Rikki Stine

Frank and Laura Strickland

George Tisen

Cos and Susi Tomaselli

Ron and Jeanine Wiley

Uh oh. Looks like
Dwight and Gary
are trying to get us
to be RUTHless
with each other...

Hey, we'll miss you guys--
please do stay in touch! 
And if things work out that
you can come after all,
come on!
We'll just pull up another 
chair or two!

Still no word 
or are
(hope you can make it!)

Acosta, Danny
Alberson, Marty
Baggett, Dan
Baird, Marilyn
Baymiller, Dondi Hogan
Bollinger, Dave
Brown, Jan
Brunk, Dee
Cadena, Fernando
Cabrera, Ben
Edwards, Mike
Emerick, Sara
Freeburg, Marlan
Gray, Robin
Green, Tom
Havener, Pat
Hermanson, Rick
Hogan, Mike
Jackson, Joe
Johnson, Mona
Kusaka, Warren
Malm, Janet
Murdock, Ed
Murillo, Sam
Olson, Mark and Teri
Petraglia, Janet Malm
Pickering, John and Marnie
Powell, Jim
Price, George
Quesada, Bertha
Rodriguez, Donna
Sanchez, Medardo 
Shaffer, Greg
Sierra, Adolfo
Staples, Charlie and Debbie
Terry, Josie
Thompson, Rich
White, Jerry and Mary
Woodcock, Larry and Melissa Nilchee


Tentative Schedule

Saturday, August 5
1:00 p.m. - _____ p.m. -- Gals' Get-together at Pat Hippo's

(cancelled) Campus Bus Tour Courtesy NMSU Alumni Association

6:00 - 11:00 p.m. -- Banquet, SI Italian Bistro (may arrive as early as 5:00 to order dinner--first come, first served)

Sunday August 6
10:00 - 12:00 -- Worship Service, Mesilla Valley Christian School Library Elementary Cafeteria

1:00 - 5:00 p.m. -- Picnic, Preciado Park Paul and Mary Curry's home (BYO lunch--and swimwear, if desired!)

Financial Statement

Some time back, as the treasurer of the Reunion Committee, Missy Lockyear opened this account. After the 2001 reunion, the Committee decided to get another name on the account for her protection, and so we added my name. 

Hundreds of dollars have passed through this account in the past. This year, in an attempt to keep the accounting to a minimum, we're letting everyone pay his/her own way rather than have registration fees and handling all that cash.

As the above statement reflects, there is now a little over $250 (two hundred fifty dollars) left over from 2001. So far this year we have to reimburse Lonnie for postage on the mailings and me $25 for reserving Preciado Park's shelter (non-refundable). Other expenses will probably include the rental of a Porta-Potty and purchase of bottled water for the picnic, communion supplies for the worship service, and maybe a few other items. We hope to use the funds already in the account to handle those expenses, and we'll report them all here.

For the Committee,
John Gwin

Help from the NMSU Alumni Association!

Home Page
***** Acosta, Danny: 79 BSEDUC, 1700 N. Willow St., Las Cruces, NM 88001-2126
Danny and Christine, 1305 N, Mesilla, LC 526-8214 -- called 7-27-06, left VoiceMail
***** Baird, Marilyn: 77 ANURS, 15 Via Perico, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA  92688-3429

***** Brunk, Dee: 73 BSEDUC, 1154 Hupmobile Dr. NE, Albuquerque, NM  87123-1839

***** Edwards, Mike: 73 BARTS, 2020 W 21st Street N, Wichita, KS 67203-2107

John Gwin: I Yahooed all the Mike Edwardses in Wichita on 27 Jul and got these five hits. I called these numbers with results as follows:
Michael Edwards
3054 S Fern Ave
Wichita, KS 
left msg on VM
Michael Edwards
3231 W 10th St N
Wichita, KS
wrong no.
Michael D Edwards
718 N Golden Hls
Wichita, KS 
left msg on VM
Mike Edwards
10321 Sterling St
Wichita, KS 
left msg on VM
Mike A Edwards
301 S Firefly Ct
Wichita, KS 
wrong no.
***** Gray, Robin: 78 BSAG, PO Box 1378, Taos, NM  87571-1378
John Gwin: I Yahooed all the Robin Grays in NM, and this was the only hit. I left a VM
Robin Gray, Santa Fe, NM 87501-0000 -- (505) 988-5741
***** Green, Tom: There is a Thomas Andrew Green with a grad year of 71 (6351 Ramblewood Dr, Mentor, OH  44060-2233)
Phil Flowers says: I noticed you were looking for Tom Green. Most likely it would be under James. His name, as he always used to say. was James T. L "Tom" Green. He would have gotten a BS in Industrial Engineering about 76. The last I heard he was working for the railroad in Fort Worth, Texas.
John Gwin: I Yahooed all the James Greens in Fort Worth and got one hit with two addresses, but the phone no. has been disconnected or is no longer in service:
James Green, 14417 Oakridge Cir or 14417 Statler Blvd., Fort Worth, TX (817-267-2983)
***** Johnson, Mona : 75 BSEDUC, 1515 E. Fort Lowell Road, Tucson, AZ  85719-2316 (balloonist@doglover.com)

***** Murillo, Sam: 76 BARTS, 118 Wheaton Hall Ln., Franklin, TX  37069-4342

John Gwin: I Yahooed all the Sam Murillos in TEXAS, not just Franklin, and this was the only hit. There was no answer.
Samuel Murillo, 2903 Don St, Dallas, TX 75227-7004 -- (214) 275-4521
***** Powell, Jim: There are 10 James Powells on the system. Please give me more information.

***** Price, George: Two George Prices. What year did he graduate approximately?

***** Sanchez, Medardo: 7921 Waterside Trl, Fort Worth, TX  76137-1217 (firecoach1@aol.com)

***** Sierra, Adolfo: PO Box 4337, Pacatello, ID 83205-4337

***** Thompson, Rich: There are three Richards. Please give me more information.


Brown, Jan
Cabrera, Ben
Havener, Pat
Hermanson, Rick
Kusaka, Warren
Murdock, Ed
Quesada, Bertha
Shaffer, Greg
Terry, Josie

Details still needed:
_____  01. Pick up microphone and speakers for the banquet--2223 N. Main--anytime after 0800 Saturday

__DONE__ 02. Lawn chairs for the picnic. Locals have been emailed--thanks to all who can bring chairs!

__DONE__ 03. Counter checks from WSFCU for disbursing funds.  Missy will do this--thank you!

__DONE__ 04. Contact Nicole at Alumni Office Tuesday re Bus Tour of Campus. Nicole Shoup tried and tried to get us a bus, but there's another university activity this weekend, and they couldn't swing it. Thanks again for trying, Nicole!

__DONE_   05. Contact Pat Hippo to coordinate her Gals Get-together with the Bus Tour.

_____  06. Get bottled water, ice, and coolers for the picnic.

__DONE_07. Name tags for the Banquet, Worship Service, and Picnic

_____  08. Group picture--need camera(s?) and photographer.

__DONE_  09. Videophotographer for the banquet--Bob Altuna has volunteered to do this--thanks, Bro!

__DONE_  10. Cleanup crew for the Worship Service. All have been emailed--thanks to all who can come early to set up and stay late to help get chairs back to the gym!

__DONE_  11. Get Porta-Potty and hand cleaner for the picnic.Picnic moved to Paul and Mary Curry's home because of rain threat--thank you, Currys!

_____  12. Print songsheets, schedule, and directions to hand out at all activities.

__DONE_  13. Print contribution instruction sheets to hand out at all activities.