2014 NMSU Nav Reunion
Scheduled for 19-21 September in Las Cruces

Following are people's responses to our 2014 Reunion Announcement:
as of Mon., 21 July 2014

address for this page:  www.gwingenealogy.net/NAVS/NMSUNavReunion2014Responses.html

Yes, I/we plan to be there:
No, I/we will not be attending:
I/we may or may not be there--just don't know yet.
Still no response
though we think invite was sent
Invitation not yet sent -- no address -- please try some other form of contact--thanks!
John Gwin -- 1
Carl and Gina Hill -- 2
Lee and Moira Rawson -- 2 (probably yes)
marty alberson
marcbernie white
Lonnie and Maria Theye -- 2
Ed and Char Hoskins -- 2
George Tisen --1
bob altuna
melissa woodcock
Phil and Bonnie Flowers -- 2
Ed and Jo Newell -- 2

becky anderson
danny acosta
Bob and Patty Day -- 2
Bob and Bonnie Allen --2

donna anglin rodriguez
Delie (Mahan/Rardin) Taylor -- 1
Mike and Lee Delano -- 2

joemilly aragon
dan baggett
Pat Hippo -- 1

dave bollinger
Glenn Davis -- 1

dondi hogan baymiller
jan brown
Pete and Jeannie Gerhard -- 2

kevinamanda coyle
dee brunk

Johnkaren curry
mike edwards

paulmary curry
bob gould

paulkathy depree
robin gray

kathy dube
tom green

pat havener

ms freeburg
rick hermansen

mike gerhard
joe jackson

ann hermes
carolyn taylor jenkins

dan hogan
warren kusaka

billdebby horne
garyruth lines

pat irons
johnlavonne lucero

halkaren jensen
marilynbaird maher

missy lockyear
patsylvia mcguire

don malin
markveann miller

gary mcmillon
moises montoya

norm malm
ed murdock

ray massey
patconnie murdock

dave morgan
sam murillo

jackleslie robinson
jim powell

rikkismith stine
davelydia prado

charliedebby staples
george price

bertha quesada

franklaura strickland
ralph rodriguez

cossuzi tomaselli
medardo sanchez

joann emerick
greg shafer

deb emerick buckler
janeminnehan tom taylor

fernando cadena
rich thompson

suecromer christie