11 Sep 2010

Updated financial report to Barb, Jim, Joni, Mike, Veda, and Victor and Pat (I'm avoiding using last names to keep this data confidential):

So far we have received donations in the following amounts:

1 x 025 = 025
3 x 050 = 150
2 x 100 = 200

Total   =  375

Of that total, I am still holding all the checks; I have not deposited them yet. 

Meanwhile, I sent Ms. Becky, church clerk of PPBC, my check for $175--the amount of the first four donations to come in--to encourage them and let them know we were serious in our intent to help.

I waited several days, then called her and left a message on her answering machine to let her know we'd sent that amount and that another $200 would be forthcoming.

Ms. Becky called me this week (she'd been out of state visiting relatives and hadn't gotten the message I'd left her).  She had not yet received the card with my check for $175, but said when it came she would hold it until she and her daughters can start the copying process and/or locate the former set of copies PPBC sent to their state headquarters several years ago.

I am holding the other $200 at her request.  If they can locate the former set and can make it accessible to us, then she will return our $175 and let us make the copies (she thinks I can do it cheaper than they can).

If not, I'll send my check for the remaining $200 and deposit all your checks.

Bottom line: no one's check is deposited yet, and further copying is pending results of the above investigations.

Updated reports to follow as we learn more.