Last Will and Testamentof
John Guin
of Green County, Tennessee,19 Jan 1879

In the name of God, Amen. I, John Guin of Green[e] County andstate of Tennessee, being for some time in a lingering state of healthand calling to mind the mor[t]ality of the boddy that it is so ordainedfor all men once to die, I think it proper to make constitute and ordainthis my last will and testament prompplly and first recommending my soulto the hand of God that gave it and my boddy to the earth and to be buriedin a decent Christian-like manner at the descision of the executors andas ____ing my worldly estate wherein God in his providence has blessedme with in this life. I instruct ___ in the manner and for in following(To ____) it is my will and desire that my son James shall pay anequal part on the notes of which I am bound for the payment of my landto James Guin Senior perporting to be thirty dollars each to bepaid annually until the last one is lifted, also a note that I gave tomy sister Elizabeth for fifty dollars that William Dicksonholds on me by assignment; it is my desire that all my just debts shallbe paid and the balance of my property with my lands to remain in the handsof my wife during her natural life to raise my family on and as they advancein life and wish to take a separate way of living, it is discretionarywith the widow to gave them such necessary

p. 2

material as she can spare for them to begin theThe world with and ator after her death , the land and perishable property all to be put upto public sale on a twelve or eighteen months credit and the proceeds equallydivided among my ten children providing my son saves complys with the firstclause of my will and if he will not agree to pay a proportionable partof my debts with the rest fo the heirs, the proceeds of the sale will bedivided equally between nine of my children namely Jane,Hasther, William John, Peggy, Hercanes, Robert, Andrew, andAlpha or if it is thought by the executorsto be expedient, they may have the __ proceeds of the land equally dividedin three annual payments which is for them to judge I do hereby pronounceand declare this to by my last will and testament  ___all former willsand bequeathing ratifying this and this only as my last will and testamentand in testimony of which I do hereunto set my hand and seal this 19thday of January eighteen hundred and seventy nine I do hereby appointmy son James ___Gwinn and John Shields executors of this my last will andtestament
witness                           John Guin {seal}
Evar Guin 28
James D. McBride