Some of the Inhabitantsof
Crowson's Cove
in the Wear Valley of
Sevier County, Tennessee
before, at, and followingthe turn of the
Nineteenth Century


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When you leave Sevierville, the countyseat, head south on U.S. 441 toward Dollywood, Dolly Parten's famous andpopular theme park in Pigeon Forge.  But look past the McDonalds andWendys and WalMarts and Holiday Inns--and Dollywood--to the hills, thetrees, and the gorgeous flora and fauna of the area.  Picture yourselfamong those settlers--Dolly's and Merle's and my ancestors--who saw thisland for the first time in the late 1700's. And when you get to the rightturn where U. S. 321 heads up the hollow to the west--can't be more thanfour or five miles--take it.

This is the mouth of Cove Creek Hollow, and comingup on the right in just a mile or two is Walden's Creek Road, where I turnedoff of 321 when I was there in the summer of 2003.  Funny.  IfI'd been going this way a couple hundred years ago, that Walden's Creeksign wouldn't've been there, and I'd've kept going right on up 321 intothe Wear Valley to Crowson's Cove. But I'll tell you about that in a minute.

Most of the folks listed below were rather firmlyentrenched and settled-in before Tennessee became a state in 1796. Around1807, the land they had claimed as their own, land they had cleared andfarmed and homesteaded, became legally available to them in the form ofland grants they could purchase for a dollar an acre.  Isham Gwin,my gggg-grandfather, finally got to buy his 249 acres in this way--in aplace they'd all come to call Crowson's Cove.

But in the spring of 2003,  I knew none ofthis, and when school was out for the summer, I headed for east Tennesseeto see if I could find out anything about this Grandpa Isham.  Theonly things I knew for sure were that his son, John Gwin, claimed to havebeen born in Tennessee and that he'd married his sweetheart, Jane Walker,in Blount County on 12 Apr 1812.

I waded through building after building and fileafter file of data for two days.  Finally on day three, my last there,at the Archives in Greeneville, Greene Co., TN, I "discovered" a reel ofmicrofilm with a copy on it of the deed to Isham's grant.  That deedsaid right on it that Isham's land was in Crowson's Cove "on the watersof Walden's Creek," and when I turned off onto 321 and got to that sign,I figured I was "home".  Felt good to stand on or near where I thoughtmy gggg-grandpa had stood and owned and farmed land.

After I got back to New Mexico, out of curiosityI learned how to draw a map of the property using the survey instructionslisted in the deed.  And yet, even though I now could see the shapeof the farm and knew that it was located "on the waters of Walden's Creek,"I still didn't know exactly where on Walden's Creek Crowson's Cove andGrandpa Isham's land was.

Reading the deed again, I realized that some ofIsham's neighbors were listed in it as owning adjoining property, and Idecided on a plan. If I could get hold of the deeds for those properties,I could make maps of their farms, too. Then using the names of other neighborswho'd certainly be mentioned on their deeds, I could make even more maps,until--what? Well, I really didn't know for sure, but my hopes were thatsomewhere along the line, a clue would turn up that would allow me to knowfor certain where his farm had been, perhaps even leading me to his gravesite.

About that time my double-fourth cousin BarbaraWard joined the fun, and within days she had found those deeds at herhometown's LDS Family History Center!  She sent me copies, and wewere off to the races, putting together plat maps of the Shields,Brickey,and Bennifield properties, posting them on the website as well.Then the well seemed to go dry, as it were, and it seemed that the projectwould grind to a halt.

Meanwhile, though, unbeknownst to either Barbaraor me, longtime Sevier County researchers and historians George andJuanita Fox, who had been searching for years for the location of Crowson'sCove, made an interesting discovery. An old map of the area, made about1830, clearly showed that many of the watercourses of Sevier and Blountcounties had names different from what they're called today. This was aboutthe time that many were renamed and today's labels were attached. Whathad been called this river was now called that river, and that one this.And then the gold mine: what is now called Cove Creek had once been Walden'sCreek!  We were in the wrong hollow! This information, plus his findingof the deed for the "Meeting House" property adjoining that of Peter Brickey--"forthe use of the Baptist Congregation in Wears' Cove", led them to the siteof the church's graveyard where the first white settler in the valley (AaronCrowson, for whom the cove is named) is buried. The local Baptist Associationassured him that while the Wear's Cove Baptist Church had been gone forsome years, the cemetery still marked the place where the people "cameto meeting".

George had seen our work on our website, and hegraciously made copies for us of all the Crowson's Cove deeds he couldfind. I came home from work one evening to find a wealth of deeds in anenvelope from him. The result? Now the little project has turned into aplan to plot the plats of the entire cove.  So welcome to the workshop!I hope you can find something here to help you with your own quest.

Gwin map
Gwin map
On main
No. of
Adjoining Neighbors
Other Names
Date of
No. of
Plat Map?
Date of
01Amerine, Georgenononounk.unk.W. Lovelady, C. Coulter, P. Brickey, I. Gwin, C. Bennifield, K. Veach..NOunk.unk.unk.unk..NOunk.unk..unk.
02Baptist Congregation
by William Davis
yesyesyes3.00St. of TNP. Brickey, H. Haggard, C. Coulter..yes24 Mar 1807?--313Mark Moore
.yes11 May 1807...
03Beaty, Samuelnonono91.50St. of TNT. Steward, McMurry..yes29 Apr 18072--576Mark Moore
.yes25 May 1807...
04Bennifield, Charlesyesyesyes24.75St. of TNI. Gwin, K. Veach..yes18 May 18072--693Mark Moore
.yes18 Jun 1807...
05Boze, Abednegoyesyesyes374.00St. of TNW. Lovelady, K. Veach, J. Sims, J. Fryer, W. Davis, J. Thomas,..yes18 May 18072--718Mark Moore
.yes20 Jun 1807...
06Brickey, Peteryesyesyes124.50St. of TNH. Haggard, Bapt. Cong.,C. Coulter, Amerine, I Gwin, R. Shields, W.Hatcher..yes21 Mar 18074--15unk.
07Coulter, Charlesyesyesyes82.75St. of TNP. Brickey, Bapt. Cong., Amerine,W. Lovelady..yes18 May 1807unk.Mark Moore
.yes30 Jun 1807...
08Crowson, Aaronyesnono95.75St. of TNW. Crowson, R. Crowson, H. Haggard, Brumley & Co...yes26 Mar 18072--703Mark Moore
.yes18 Apr 1807...
09Crowson, Richard
see Kelly, John
nonono146.25St. of TNA. Crowson, M. Renfro, Parker, Walker, W. Crowson, K. Veach..yes27 Mar 18072--620Mark Moore
.yes12 May 1807unk..8 Feb 1808
10Crowson, William
see Haggard, Noah
nonono150.00St. of TNR. Shields, A. Crowson, H. Haggard,John Catlet, Peter Maples
Sam'l Wear
yes18 May 18072--540Mark Moore
yes20 Jun 1807unk.14 Nov 1807
11Davis, Parsonsyesnono233.75St. of TNS. Richardson, J. Thomas, W. Davis..yes16 Mar 1807unk.unk.
12Denton, Davidyesyesno59.25Susannah Richardson, qvP. DavisJohn Hill, Wm. Gwin, Sam'l Wear.NO16 Mar 1807unk.Mark Moore
.yes18 Apr 1807...
13Davis, Williamyesnono167.25St. of TNA. Boze, P. Davis, S. Parsons,..yes18 May 1807unk.unk.
14Fryer, Johnnononounk.unk.unk...NOunk.unk.unk.unk..NOunk....
15Giddin, Jamesnonono140.25St. of TNJohn Giddin, Davidson and Moore, I. Giddin..yes18 Apr 18073--516Mark Moore
.yes11 May 1807...
16Gwin, Ishamyesyesyes249.00St. of TNC. Bennifield, G. Amerine, P. Brickey, R. Shields..yes19 May 18074--31Mark Moore
.yes30 Jun 1807...
17Haggard, Henrynonono180.00St. of TNA. Crowson, (W?) Hatcher, W. Crowsonnone.yes25 Mar 18072--497Mark Moore
.yes11 May 1807unk..unk.
18Haggard, Henrynonono81.75St. of TNunk.unk..NOunk.unk.Mark Moore
.yes11 May 1807unk..unk.
19Haggard, Noahnonono150.00Wm. Crowson, qvR. Shields, A. Crowson, H. Haggard,John Catlet, Peter Maples
Sam'l Wear
.yes18 May 18072--540Mark Moore
.yes20 Jun 1807unk..14 Nov 1807
20Hatcher, Williamyesnono160.25St. of TNR. Shields, P. Brickey, H. Haggard,John Shields.yes26 Mar 1807#623Mark Moore
.yes11 May 1807...
21Johnson, Ezekielyesyesno87.50John Fryer, qvJohn Fryer, Mary RenfroArchibald Johnston,
Richard Crowson
.yes18 May 18072--422Mark Moore
.yes18 Jun 1807unk..2 Jan 1808
22Kelly, Johnnonono146.25Richard Crowson, qvA. Crowson, M. Renfro, Parker, Walker, W. Crowson, K. Veach..yes27 Mar 18072--620Mark Moore
.yes12 May 1807unk..8 Feb 1808
23Lovelady, Williamyesyesyes176.00St. of TNA. Boze, G. Amerine, C. Coulter, K. Veachnone.yes20 Mar 1807#569unk.
24Maddox, Williamyesyesyes53.25St. of TNJ. Fryer, J. Sims, S. Parsonsnone.yes18 Mar 1807#596Mark Moore
.yes12 May 1807unk...
INCOMPLETE...(especially this column)...BELOWTHISLINE
25McGhee, Jacob93.75Richard Shields......
nonono52.50St. of TNunk.none.NOunk.unk.Mark Moore
.NO21 Aug 1807unk.
27Parsons, Samuelnononounk.unk.Wm. Maddoxunk..NOunk.unk.unk.unk..NOunk.unk..unk.
28Partin, Mildred.NONO..
29Renfro Mary59.25..yes....
30Renfro Mary..NO.NO...
31Richardson, Susannah
see Denton David
35.50St. of TNP. DavisJohn Hill, Wm. Gwin, Sam'l Wear.yes16 Mar 1807.yes...
32Shields, Richard......
33Shields, Richard...
34Sims, Joshua......
35Thomas, Jonathan......
36Veach, Kinsey85.50Wm. ParkerM. Partin, R. Crowson..yes.NO...
37Veach, Kinsey129.75C.Bennifield, J. Fryer, A. Boze, G. Amerine, W. Lovelady, J. Sims..yes.NO...
Beaty, Samuel, 91.5 acres, bk. 2 p. 576-7
1. Beg at a red oak on Thomas Stewart's line thencewith vacland n44e 6/50 to a white walnut
2. n21e 9/0 tas
3. n50e 18/85 to a poplar
4. s6w 10/58  to a poplar
5. s62e 30/0 to a sourwood
6. n43e 35/0 to a hickory
7. n71e 16/0 to a hickory
8. south 9/0  to a hickory
9. s49w 35/0 tas
10. s17w 3/0 to an elm
11. w/McMurray line s57w 15/0 to a rock
12. n56w 8/22 to a red oak
13. then w/vacland n22w 14/0 tas
14. n79w 18/33 to a white walnut
15. s85w 5/0 tas and white oak
16. s39w  10/0 tas
17. s80w 5/75 to the Beg
Boze, Abednego, 374 acres, bk. 2 p. 718
1. Beg at a stake w/ John Fryer, Jr.,n37e 39/22 tas
2. n53w 72/26 to a red oak
3. s79w 40/0 tas
4. s57w 10/0 tas
5. s27e 14/81 to a hickory
6. then wi/Thomas' line n70e 5/0 to ahickory
7. s26e 10/0 tas
8. s70e 7/0 tas
9. n70e 11/0 to a red oak
10. s31e 17/0 to a black walnut
11. s39w 3/16 tas
12. s49e 2/0 tas
13. w/ Davis' line s60e 5/23 tas
14. s63e 6/0 tas
15. s60e 36/50 to the Beg
Charles Coulter 82.75 acres
Beg. on a rock corner to William Lovelady,runningw/ vacland n5e 15/0 to a post oak,
then n15e 7/78 to a stake,
w/ Henry Haggard, s50e 4/70 to a whiteoak,
w/ Brickey, s45e 25/0 to a hickory,
s40e 8/63 to a post oak.
s46e 11/69 to a willow.
w/ William Amarine s41w 18/53 to a sycamore.
n46w 30/50 to the beginning.
Crowson, Aaron, 95.75 acres, bk. 2 p. 703
1. Beg at a white oak w/Wm. Crowson's line n74w 22/15tas
2. w/Crowson and Henry Haggard n36e 25/0 tas
3. then w/Brumley and Co. s65e 4/75 to a maple
4. n23e 6/0 to a rock
5. n66w 3/25 tas
6. n36e 32/0 to a hickory
7. w/vacland n16e 21/15 tas
8. s58e 1/22 to a red oak
9. s8w 48/41 tas
10. w/ vacland and Richard Crowson s29w 33/60 to the Beg

Haggard, Henry, 180 acres, bk. 2 p. 497-8

1. Beg at a stake on Aaron Crowson's line thence n36e55/0 to a hickory
2. n65w w/vacland 9/50 to a red oak
3. west 21/0 tas
4. s17w5/0 tas
5. s36w 5/0 tas
6. n42w 9/0 tas
7. north 13/0 tas
8. n14e 20/0 tas
9. n31w 11/50 to a hickory
10. s73w 2/0 to an Ivy
11. s17e 2/50 to a Laurel
12. s28w 13/0 tas
13. south 25/0 tas
14. s18e 6/50 tas
15. s67w 3/50 tas
16. s5e 7/7 to a Hazel on Hatcher's line
17. then w/his line n70e 10/0 to a walnut w/said Hatcher
18. s20e w/vacland 4/0
19. then w/Cove Creek 34/57 to a cherry w/ Wm. Crowson
20.  then w/said Crowson s61e 19/76 to the Beg.

Haggard, Noah, assignee of William Crowson, 150 acres, bk. 2 p. 540-1

1. Beg at a pine w/Richard Shields, thence w/ his lines43e 32/50 tas
2. then w/vacland n89e 9/0 tas
3. n12w 16/50 tas
4. n33w 29/86 tas
5. n29e 15/27 to a white oak with A. Crowson
6. tghen w/his line n74w 22/65 tas w/ H. Haggard
7. n36e 2/0 to a cherry tree
8. n61w 19/76 to CoveCreek
9. thence with the meanders of CoveCreek to a cherry tree corner w/Shields
10. s78e 10/22 to the Beg.
Johnson, Ezekiel, assignee of John Fryer, 87.5 acres--bk. 2p. 422
1. Beg at a poplar on Mary Renfro's linethence s87w 14/0 tas
2. n74w30/11 tas
3. n29e 7/0 tas
4. n49e 23/0 to a red oak
5. s67e 27/0 tas
6. s54e10/75 to a red oak w/Mary Renfro
7. then w/her line s36w 13/0 to a white oak
8. s70w 3/92 to the Beg
Kelly, John, assignee of Richard Crowson, 146.25 acres, bk. 2 p. 620
1. Beg at a red oak w/Aaron Crowson s85e w/vacland 34/45 tasw/Mary Renfro
2. w/Renfro: Parten and Walker s7w 57/50 tas
3.w/vacland n35w 38/27 to a hickory
4.n82w 5/0 tas
5.n58w 14/28 tas on Wm. Crowson's line
6.  w/said Irwin and William Crowson n29e 23/53 to theBeg
McGhee, Jacob, assignee of Richard Shields, 93.75 acres--bk. 2 p. 294-5
1. Beg at a stake w/ Wm. Hatcher running w/ vaclandn5w 8/27 to a red oak
2. n19e 5/74 to a post oak
3. n75e7/6 to a hornbeam
4. s9w 4/50
5. w/Walden'sCr. as it meanders to a cherry treew/ Wm. Crowson
6. w/Crowson s78e 10/22 to a pine
7. s43e 19/0 to a red oak
8. s8w 13/0 tas
9. s68e 7/50 tas
10. s9w 4/0 tas
11. n66w 12/50 to a locust
12. n36w (10?)/84
13. n60w (39?)/8 to a blackjack on Hatcher's line
14. w/Hatcher n58e 8/63 to a pine
15. n17w 13/7 to the Beg.
Renfro, Mary, 59.25 acres--bk.2 p. 337
1. Beg. aas w/Mary Renfro thence s59w 37/80 to a hickory
2. s26w (14?)/60 tas
3. n62w 2/75 to a hickory
4. s55w 8/91 tas
5. s67w 12/43 to a hickory
6. w/Walker's line s(7?)w 3/40 to a hickory
7. n85e 15/60 tas
8. n62w 2/75 to a hickory
9. s55w 8/91 tas
10. s67w (12?)/43
11. w/Walker's line s7w (_)/40 tas
12. s56e (6?)/81 tas
13. n76e (18?)/_
14. n62e 14/0 to a maple
15. n24w 14/50 to a red oak
16. n51w 7/47? to the Beg.
Sims, Joshua, assignee of John Fryer, 74.75 acres--Bk2, p. 121
1. Beg. at a post oak w/Madox on A Person's line and running w/ Madox n54w (27?)(77?)/0to a white oak.
2. s37w 20/0 to a stake w/ Madox
3. then w/ A. Persons n61w7/46
4. w/ Boze n37e 39/22 toa stake w/ Boze and K. Veach
5. w/ vacland s58e 24/0 to a stake
6. s11e 11/50 to a stake
7. s29w 12/20 to the Beg.