[John M. Gwin Note: Following is my attempt to transcribe a photocopy of one of several original handwritten court documents sent to me by Barbara Smith, widow of my late cousin Roy Lester Smith.  I have attempted to not edit it  in any way except to boldface names as they appear. The title shown here in red appears on the bottom of the last page. Transcriptions of actual signatures in the original document appear here in 18-point boldfaced Italics.]

-- Abstract (and Comments)   --
Nathaniel Burdine Wilson of Dallas Co., AL, has died (31 May 1874).  He had lived with his son, Isham Griffin Wilson, M.D., the last five years of his life, leaving a total debt of over $300.  Joseph F. John (evidently the court-appointed) administrator to the N.B. Wilson estate, on 12 Nov 1875, has petitioned Probate Judge Joe Gothard to liquidate the three herein-itemized real properties of N.B. Wilson to pay the debt, since there is nothing left in the (non-real) estate with which to pay any part of any debt.  He further lists by name all the heirs to the Estate.  In another hand, an addendum, also dated 12 Nov 1875, lists the five orphaned heirs, and the writer consents to act as their guardian ad litem.   --John M. Gwin

From:   Dallas County Court House,   File #65

Estate of N. B. Wilson      deceased
Petition of J F John, Administrator to sell lands to pay the Debts
Filed Nov 12th, 1875        Joseph Gothard, Judge of Probate
W 120, 121

State of Alabama}
Dallas County    }  Probate Court of said County
    To the Honorable Joseph Gothard, Judge of said Court

Your petitioner Joseph F. John Administrator, of the Estate of Nathaniel B. Wilson deceased, in said Court respectfully shows unto Your Honor that there is no personal property belonging to said Estate with which to pay the debts of said Estate which have been presented against said Estate
Your petitioner further shows unto Your Honor that the only debt or liability of said deceased still remaining unpaid which has been legally presented against said Estate and which has not been paid or satisfied by Petitioner is an account of Dr. Isham G. Wilson for Board, Medical attention during last illness, and Burial expenses amounting to the sum of Two Hundred and Ninety five Dollars which  petitioner believes to be valid.
Your petitioner, therefore states that the personal property of said Estate, so far as discovered by, or known to him is wholly insufficient to pay the debts of said deceased which have been presented, and that for the purpose of paying the said debts it will be necessary to   [end page one]

sell the land which is accurately described, as follows, being all of the real property belonging to said Estate, viz
    The NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sect 18, T 16, R 8--40 acres
          E 1/2 of SW 1/4     Sect 18, T 16, R 8   80 acres
          W 1/2 of NW 1/4   Sect 18 T 16 R 8     80 acres
containing in all Two Hundred acres more or less and all lying in Dallas County, Alabama

Your petitioner further shows unto your Honor that said decedent left no widow surviving him, that the heirs at law of said deceased are his children and their decendants to wit
1.  Mary B. Steadman widow over 21 years of age and resides in Perry County, Alabama
2.  Rosyan C G (sic)--[should be J. for Jones] Gwin wife of William Gwin over the age of 21 years and resides in Shelby County, Alabama
3.  Ezekiel M. Wilson over 21 years resides in Pulaski White County Arkansas
4.  James W. Wilson over 21 years resides at Warsaw Franklin Parish Louisiana
5.  Isham G Wilson over 21 years resides in Dallas County Alabama
6.  John G Wilson a son of Nathaniel B Wilson died before his father NBWilson he left the following named children who are heirs of NBWilson's Estate  To wit Robert Wilson    John Wilson    Wesley Wilson    Osborn Wilson and Sarah Jane Wilson all of whom are over 21 years and reside in Dallas County Alabama     [end page two]

7.  William B. Wilson was a son of NBWilson died before NBWilson.  He left a widow and two children to wit  Jennie Wilson and Louisa Wilson both of whom are minors under 21 years of age and reside with their mother at Geddings Lee County Texas
8.  Joseph A. Wilson a son of N.B.Wilson died before his father and left a widow and four children to wit William Wilson over 21 years resides in Pulaski White County Arkansas    Texana Wilson    Reuben Wilson  and George Wilson who are minors over 14 years and under 21 years and reside in Dallas County Alabama

Your petitioner, therefore, prays, that the lands above described may be ordered to be sold for the purpose of paying the debts of said Estate and that such proceeding, orders and decrees may be had and made as may be proper and necessary to legally effect the sale of said land for the purpose aforesaid.
Your petitioner, believing that it will be for the benefit of those interested in said Estate that said land be sold for cash prays your Honor that the decree of sale if it shall be granted shall order such sale to be made for Cash  And your petitioner as in duty & C___
Sworn to and subscribed    } J.F. John
before me this 12th day of  }
November AD 1875          }
Joseph Gothard    }
              Judge of Probate }

I hereby consent to act as guardian ad litem for Jennie Wilson, Louisa Wilson, Texanna Wilson, Reuben Wilson & George Wilson, in the proceeding commenced by this petition
Novr 12/75                 Jno. P. __-lman    [signature unclear--could be Helman, Nelman, etc.]