Prentice O. Wilson
Charlotte W. (nee unk.)

Here's the Census Data that got this page started:

Name: Prentice O Wilson
Age: 26
POB: Mississippi
Home in 1940: Drew, Sunflower, Mississippi
Occ.: Trucker
Name Age
Prentice O Wilson 26
Charlotte W Wilson 25
Maxine Wilson 5
Neil Wiess says this is the family in Drew, MS,
who lived down the street from her own family;
the two families called each other "cousins".

Name: Prentis O Wilson
YOB: abt 1914
POB: Mississippi
Home in 1930: Beat 5, Sunflower, MS
Father: Johnie R Wilson
FPOB: Mississippi
Mother: Harriet D Wilson
MPOB: Mississippi
Name Age
Johnie R Wilson (b. ca. 1880) 50
Harriet D Wilson 46
Prentis O Wilson 16
William H Wilson 13
Albert K Wilson 10
Eddie K Wilson 3 6/12

This is clearly the same family in 1930 as that above in 1940.
Now we know Prentice's father's name:
John R. Wilson, b. ca. 1880. 
Looking on the E. B. Wilson page, we find J. R. Wilson,
age 7 mo. and b. in Dec 1879 in the 1880 census of Kemper Co., MS.

Name: John R Wilson (b. ca. 1880)
Age in 1910: 30
Birth Year: abt 1880
Birthplace: Mississippi
Home in 1910: Beat 4, Kemper, Mississippi
Spouse's Name: Della Wilson
Father's Birthplace: Mississippi
Mother's Birthplace: Alabama
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
John R Wilson 30
Della Wilson 26
Robert C Wilson 0

Here's John R. again in 1910 w/wife "Della" (an easy fit, since the wife in 1930, above, is "Harriet D.").
This son, Robert C., would be 20 in 1930, so he could easily have moved out of the home by then.