I have just visited your Wilson/Rasco web page. You have some mistakes when it comes to the Rasco generations.

There are no such persons as "William Teagle Rasco and Elizabeth Taylor".  No one has proven who the parents of Captain William Rasco were. He did have a brother named Teagle Rasco who apparently was never married or had children. Teagle was a Continental soldier in the 7th North Carolina Regiment during the Rev. War.  He enlisted in January of 1777 and died in service at Valley Forge, Pa., in February of 1778.  Captain William Rasco was in a Militia from Bertie County, N.C., and obtained the rank of Captain and thus the title. There is no proof of what if any his middle name was. He did have a grandson named William Marcellous Rasco, but that does not mean that his middle name, if he had one, was Marcellous.

Most of the Rascoes who were living in Bertie, Tyrell, and Hyde Counties between 1757 and 1800 can be traced back to Northampton County, Virginia, but so far no one can connect any of these to Captain William Rasco or his brother Teagle. This is probably due to the fact that William and Teagle Rasco lived in Hertford County, N.C., in the 1760's, and most of the records of that county were destroyed when the Court House burned in the 1830's. There is a possibility that Captain William Rasco and his brother Teagle may have been sons of a William and Sarah Rasco who lived in Hertford County in 1759, or perhaps this William Rasco and Captain William Rasco were one and the same person, and Sarah was a wife prior to William's marriage in 1777 to Rachel Harrell. No proof either way has been found. Other siblings of Captain William Rasco and Teagle Rasco may have been James Isma Rasco and Catherine Rascoe Sessum Williams. Still need proof of this.  Lost Hertford County records are the problem.

James R. Rasco