Abner Jehu Paxton
Hester Elmore

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SOURCES:  This genealogy was copied from  Paxton Update: 2080 Offsprings, the work of Cousin Roscoe C. Keeney, Jr., Charleston, WV, April 1985.  It has been reformatted using my own numbering system.  Links to other pages have been added by me; any notes added by me are clearly marked as such.  I have a copy of Roscoe's book, so if you would like me to do a lookup, please e.mail me at jmcdgwin@zianet.com.
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NAMES IN RED are those of my children's direct ancestors.      John M. Gwin, Dec 2003

23.00--Abner Jehu Paxton, b. 1817 in Botetourt Co., VA; bd. unk.; d. ca. 1898; m. 26 Sep 1839 to Hester Elmore (b. 1814; bd. unk.; d. 1882); nine known ch.

From Paxtons from West Virginia 1820-1977 by Roscoe C. Keeney, p. 8-9:

ABNER JEHU PAXTON (1817 - ca. 1898) 

Family historians agree that Abner Jehu Paxton was born in the Virginia county of Botetourt in the year 1817.  Whether he came from the long line of Pennsylvania and Rockbridge County Paxtons is a debatable question.  It is likely that he did.  One account has his father coming directly from England, which is not likely, since there were already several families of Paxtons in the Botetourt area.

Abner served as a member of Troop H, 14th Regiment, Confederate Army, apparently as a volunteer, since he was well up in years.  He was also in Co., K, 22nd Virginia Infantry.  He enlisted September 18, 1864, at Winchester; the record shows that he was never paid.  He was captured at Fisher's Hill September 22, 1864, was exchanged on January 17, 1865, was admitted to Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, and deserted the hospital two days later, apparently homesick.

Abner Paxton is listed as Constable of Craig County (Craig had been formed from Botetourt in 1851) in the 1860 census.  His age was listed as 33 in the 1850 Botetourt census, as 45 in the 1860 Craig Co., census, and as 63 in the 1880 Clay County (WV) census.

No record [is known to] exist of his death in Clay or Kanawha counties.  No doubt someone knows, but the best information available seems to be that he died about 1898.  Grover Samples, a great-grandson (still living), was born in 1894, and he states that he saw Abner when he was quite quite young.

Abner married
on September 26, 1839

HESTER ELMORE (born 1814 - died of paralysis in Clay County 7 January 1882)

The following MARRIAGE OATH was copied from the original at the Botetourt Co., Court House at Fincastle: KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that we, ABNER PAXTON and WILLIAM ELMORE, are held and firmly bound unto David Campbell, Governor of Virginia, in the sum of 150 dollars, current money, and for the payment of which, well and truly to be make to the said Governor and his successors in office, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presentsSealed with our seals and dated this 26th day of September, 1839.  The condition of the above obligation is such that, whereas a marriage is shortly to be had and solemnized between the above bound ABNER PAXTON and HESTER ELMORE of the County of Botetourt.  If therefore there be no lawful cause of impediment to obstruct said marriage, then the above obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Signed by ABNER PAXTON and WILLIAM ELMORE (X - his mark)

Note: William Elmore made oath before me that the woman named Hester Elmore is above the age of 21 years, and Abner Paxton also made oath that he is above the age of 21 years this 26th day of September 1839.
F. Woltz, Clerk
24.01--Sarah Jane Paxton, b. ca. 1838 in Craig Co., VA (age 12 in 1850 Craig Co. Census); d. in childbirth 6 May 1870; bd. unk.; m. in Craig Co., to James Brisendine; two children:
25.01--William H. Brisendine, b. Aug 1869; d. 1923; grew up with two oldest sons of Hester Paxton, with their grandparents, Abner and Hester on Horner's Fork Creek, then in a large log house on Twistabout Ridge; inherited Abner Paxton property; d. unk.; bd. unk.; never married; was living with Henry Park family in 1900 Census.

25.02--Sissie Brisendine, b. 6 May 1870; taken to raise by Will and Hallie Ashley; d. 1872 at age two; bd. unk.

24.02--Elizabeth A. Paxton, b.

24.03--Cephas Shelburne Paxton, b.

24.04--Eliza Adeline Paxton, b.

24.05--Caroline Paxton, b.

24.06--Hester Leurinda Paxton, b.

24.07--Winfield Worthington "Worth" Paxton, b. 6 Oct 1853 in Craig Co., VA; d. 17 Dec 1931 in Clay Co., WV; lived on Horner's Fork, then at Twistabout, later on the Long Sam Samples farm and then settled on a farm between Big Sandy Creek and Big Laurel Creek; lived short time in Fayette Co., WV; m. 27 Apr 1871 in Kanawha Co., WV, to Rena Malinda Burnside (b. 8 Dec 1885 at Bethlehem, PA; d. 8 Jan 1942; bd. unk.); 

25.01--Charles Abner Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

26.01--Winifred Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

26.02--Lawrence Shelburne Paxton, b.; d. ; m1. Bertha Caroline Procious (b. Nov 1874); m2. Chessie May Loving Nicholas;

26.03--Riley Leonard Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

26.04--William W. Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

26.05--Oscar Winfield Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

26.06--Dorothy Belle "Mom" Paxton, b.; d. ; m1. Ona Byrne "Big Daddy" Hamrick (b. ca. 1895; d. 1953; bd. Cunningham Memorial Cem., St. Albans, WV); m2. Alfred Gill; d. Bradenton, FL; bd. Bradenton, FL; four ch.

27.01--Kenneth Byrne "Kenny" Hamrick, b. ca. 1919; d. 12 Dec 2003 in St. Albans, WV; bd. Cunningham Memorial Cem, St. Albans, WV; m. Lasca Elaine Kelly;
28.01--Saundra "Saunnie" Hamrick, b.; d. ; m. Larry Stevens;

29.01--Kelly Stevens, b. unk.; d. unk.; m. unk.; 2 ch.

29.02--Randi Stevens, b.; d. ; m. ; div.; no ch.

28.02--Kenneth Wayne "Wayne" Hamrick, b. 1947;

27.02--Stanford Sherman "Stan", "Stub", "Buck" "Poppaw" Hamrick, b. in Clay Co., WV, on 10 Dec 1922; d. ca. 21 May 2001 at Thomas Hospital, So. Charleston, WV, of congestive heart failure; bd. beside Frances at Cunningham Mem. Cem., St. Albans, WV; m1. Leona Boggs; no children; div.; m2. Frances Marie "Punk" "Mommaw" Droddy (b. ; d. 1996; bd. Cunningham Mem. Cem., St. Albans, WV); two children:
28.01--Rodger Bruce Hamrick, b. 1949; m1. no ch.; m2.  no ch.; m3.  no ch.; m4.  no ch.; m5. Susan Stricker; two stepchildren:
29.01--Tanya Stricker, b.; d. ; m. ;

29.02--Ashley Stricker, b.; d. ; m. ;
28.01--Sharon Lynn Hamrick, b.; d. ; m. John McDonald Gwin;

29.01--Jeremiah "Jeremy" Scott Gwin, b. 3 Oct 1978; m. to Kara Marie Douglas, M. D.;

29.02--Charity Elizabeth Gwin, b.May 1980; m. Beau Scott Pihlaja; one ch.

30.01--Asher Samuel Neeraj Pihlaja, b. 29 Sep 2008 in Bangalore, India!

29.03--Sarah Joy Gwin, b. May 1981; d. ; m. Dec 2002 to Jason Deane Johnson; four ch.

30.01--Jason Deane Johnson, Jr., b. 7 Feb 2003 in Las Cruces, NM;

30.02--Ryan Jonathan Johnson, b. 4 Sep 2004 in Las Cruces, NM; 

30.03--Tate Austin Johnson, b. 21 Apr 2006 in Las Cruces, NM;

30.04--Zachary Jacob Johnson, b. 2 Apr 2008 in Las Cruces, NM;

27.03--Leona June "June" "Hezzie" Hamrick, b. 1925; d. ; m. Donald Lee Kniseley, Sr. (b. unk.; d. ca. 2007; bd. unk.); 3 ch.
28.01--Donald "Donnie" Lee Kniseley, b.; d. ; m. ;
29.01--Kniseley, b.; d. ; m. ;
28.02--Kim Kniseley, b.; d. ; m. ;
29.01--Marshall Kniseley, b.; d. ; m. ;
28.03--Kip Kniseley, b.; d. ; m. Warren DeVault;
29.01--DeVault, b.; d. ; m. ;

DeVault, b.; d. ; m. ;
27.04--Mavis Jeannette "Puggy" Hamrick, b. 1931; d. ; m. Marion J. Pitsenbarger; 2 adopted ch.
28.01--Pitsenbarger, b. ; d.; m.

2--Pitsenbarger, b. ; d.; m.
26.07--Rhoda Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

26.08--Raymond Howard Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

26.09--Roy William Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

26.10--Clifford Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

26.11--Gilbert J. C. Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

26.12--Aubrey Leo Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

26.13--Arlene Claire Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

26.14--Charter Dale Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;
25.02--Laura Bell Paxton, b.; d. ; m. Harry Bleakney; one ch.
26.01--Clara Ocie Bleakney, b. ; d. ; m. Benjamin Randolph Hamrick; 6 ch.
27.01--Benjamin Carsel Hamrick, b.; d. ; m. ;

27.02--Clarence Randolph Hamrick, b.; d. ; m. ;

27.03--Erma Wilda Hamrick, b.; d. ; m. ;

27.04--Russell Clayton Hamrick, b.; d. ; m. ;

27.05--Demster Howard Hamrick, b.; d. ; m. ;

27.06--LeRoy Keith Hamrick, b.; d. ; m. ;
25.03--John Riley Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

25.04--Alonzo "Lonnie" Shelburne Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

25.05--Robert Henry Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

25.06--Harrison Leonard Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

25.07--Jesse Howard Paxton, b.; d. ; m. ;

24.08--Mary M. Paxton, b.

24.09--Harriett M. Paxton, b.