Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ludwig Nitschke!


She is the former
Emily "Emma" Maria Basset
and widow first of Sir George Benton
and next of John P. Veidt.
Mr. Nitschke is a widower and cabinet maker.
They are making their home in Gainsesville, Alabama.

Emma and Carl are my (John M. Gwin's) great-great-grandauntand uncle.  (She is the sister of my g-g-grandpa William Basset.) The photo, taken for their wedding on 23 Oct 1854 in Sumter Co., AL, was sent in by my third cousin-once-removed Liz Nitschke Hicks, who reports that after the city of Gainesville,AL, burned, Carl and Emma moved to Austin, Travis Co., TX, where they lived the remainder of their lives, they and many of their family being buried in Oakwood Cemetery there.  Thanks, Liz, from all of us for making this photo available to the family!
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