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So far, all of these photos were sent to me by Cousin Wanda Lou Kilpatric Slack.
Write to her at .  Thanks, Wanda!   --John Gwin

Hello Wanda!  Thanks again for the great pics!  I sure have some questions about some of the as-yet-unidentified ones, but I started with these because they were labeled.  This is taking longer than I anticipated, so I'll just let you get started with  proofreading these.  If you have anything you want to add, just let me know.  By the way, this is not yet linked to  Mielda's page, so you and I are the only ones who can access this page for now.  I'll add the link to let others in as soon as you say to.         -- Cousin John         :-)

01."This photograph is of Bose and Mary Kilpatrick.  Bose was the son of Mielda Vardaman Kilpatrick and of I. T. Kilpatrick.  Mielda is the sister of John F. Vardaman, a Confederate Army veteran."  So reads the caption to this picture.  But which of the male children listed on the Mielda Vardaman and I.T. Kilpatrick page is "Bose"--James, Taylor, Thomas, William, or John?  [John Gwin note: I see only three options: (1) Bose is a nickname or middle name for one of these five known male children (as suggested by the above question); (2) the author of the caption erred and Bose is not a child of Israel T. and Mielda; (3) Bose is a twelfth child that other researchers have missed to date.]

02.William Lafayette Kilpatrick, left, is Wanda Lou's great-grandfather.  Divorced from Mary Hannah Wilson in 1893, he married Maude A. Blakely, right.  His son Alva (it is unclear to me at this point which of the two--Mary H. or Maude--was Alva's mother) married Laura Edwin "Peach" Weatherford, photo four, and eventually became Wanda Lou's grandfather.


03.Is this the face that distracted William from Mary Hannah?  Actually we have no idea what prompted their divorce, but Maude Blakely did certainly become Mrs. William Lafayette Kilpatrick number two.  We of course would also like to know how many and which children he had by each wife.

04.Alva Kilpatrick, Wanda Lou's grandpa, fell for the lady on the left in this photo, and she, Laura Edwin Weatherford, became the "Peach" he picked.  How'd she get that name, we wonder.  And who is her friend?  How close can we get to dating this picture from their dresses and hat?  Is that arch-windowed building a church in the background, and if so, could this be a wedding day?

Any help identifying is welcome!   :-)
Questions and comments also welcome--
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05.  This photograph is _____ ?

06.  This photograph is _____ ?

07.  This photograph is _____ ?

08.  This photograph is, clearly, William Lafayette's Grocery Store.
1.  Where was it located?
2.  Is he the one who initiated dropping the final K in his name?
3.  Do you recognize anyone?

09.  This photograph is _____ ?

10.  This photograph is _____ ?

11.  This photograph is _____ ?

12.  This photograph is _____ ?

13.  Is this another of William Lafayette K.?  If so, is it earlier, later, or about the same time as no. 2 above?  To whom was he married at the time?

14.  This photograph is _____ ?