Stires Jade Keeney

Amelia P. "Milly" Gatewood

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The updating of the numbering system used on this page has been completed. Generation 28 is my own;
27 is that of my parents; 29 is that of my children, etc.  --   John M. Gwin, May 2009

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Most  of the material on these Keeney pages is taken directly from the excellent work of Roscoe C. Keeney in his 2,597 Keeney Relatives and its related monthly after-following publications, Keeney Update, not the least of which is the special March 1987 issue, Keeney Update: 1,029 Stire Keeney Descendants

An Outline of the Known Family

17.00--Sir Thomas Keney (sic), b. 1578, Norfolk, England; d. in New London, CT;

18.00--John Keeney, b. 1600, Norfolk, England; d. 1622 Salem, MA; m. Sarah Cheever (1621-1674)

19.00--Henry Keeney, b. 8 Jul 1623 in England; d. 6 Jun 1710; m. Ann Putnam;

20.00--John Keeney, b. ca.1651-2; d. 1718 Lynn, MA; m. Elizabeth Locke;

21.00--John Keeney, b. 15 Aug 1689, New London, CT; d. unk.; m. Mary Smith;

22.00--David Keeney;  m. Martha (nee unk.) (b. 12 Mar 1714; moved to Greenbrier Co., VA, in 1756;

23.00--Moses Keeney, b. 1766 in Greenbrier Co., WV; d. about 1840 in Kanawha Co.; m. 11 Aug 1789 in  Greenbrier Co. to Frances Harris10 children

24.09--Stires Jade Keeney, b. 1813 in Greenbrier Co., VA; moved to Cabin Creek, Kanawha Co., VA, as a boy with his father, Moses; d. in 1876 at age 63; m1. Amelia P. (Milly) Gatewood (b. 25 Jan 1813; d. 10 Jul 1860), 11 children; m2. Cynthia Hudnall White (b. 1818), d. after 1880 census; no ch. by SJK;

25.01--Robert H. Keeney, b. 1 Mar 1834 at Cabin Creek, Kanawha Co., VA (now WV); 25 in 1860 Kan. Co. census, 45 in 1880 census of Pottawatomie Co. Kansas; d. 2 Dec. 1912 at Ovapa, KS; bd. Ovapa Cemetery; m. Julia A. Kelley in 1858 at Gallipolis, OH (b. 1839, went with family to KS in 1870's but returned to WV where she died 15 Jan 1876 at Lewiston (now Winifrede); d/o Jacob Kelley); 11 children; fascinating anecdotes on these families to be found on p. 81 ff of Roscoe's book 2,597 Keeney Relatives;

25.02--McDonald Keeney, b. Oct 1836; d. 3 Nov 1910 at Ronda, WV, on Cabin Creek; bd. at Ronda; m1. on 29 Jul 1858 to Catherine C. Wilson (b. 1840; d. young); 1 child; m2. on 21 Jan 1865 to Amelia Alexander (b. Mar 1842 in KY; d. 17 Dec 1928, age 87, at Belle, WV; bd. Dry Branch Cem., Cabin Creek); no known children; 

[John Gwin Note:  It was, no doubt, this relative for whom my grandfather, 26.03--McDonald Keeney, son of 25.09--John S. Keeney, below, was named.]

25.03--Rachel N. Keeney, b. 1840

25.04--Moses W. (Tope) Keeney, b. Jan 1843; d. 1901; m. 14 Oct 1869 to Lucy J. Kelley (b. Jan 1849; d. 18 Mar 1921 at Simmons Creek); 4 ch.;

25.05--Adeline Keeney, b. 18 May 1844; d. 8 May 1917; m. 23 Apr 1863 to Woodford White (b. 20 Oct. 1841; d. 28 Jan 1927;) 7 ch.;

25.06--Michael R. Keeney, b. 1845; d. young; m. Martha E. Clendenin (b. 10 Jun 1854; d. 30 May 1924--name at time of death was Martha Workman); 4 children;

25.07--Mary Agnes Keeney, b. 1847; d. 25 Nov 1922 at Ronceverte, WV; m. 25 May 1865 to Joseph Timothy Nowlan (b. Apr 1839; d. 30 Mar 1920 at Ronceverte); 11 children;

25.08--Fannie Keeney, b. 1848; d. 3 Aug 1882, at Cedar Grove, WV, age 33 yrs. 11 mos.; bd. at Chelyan in Slaughter's Creek Cemetery; m. William J. Spruce (b. 1852 in Putnam Co., WV, listed as school teacher in 1875); 4 children;

25.09--John S. Keeney, b. 9 May 1849 at Fairview, WV, on Cabin Creek; d. 22 Dec 1932 at Witcher, WV; m. 16 Nov 1871 to Hannah Catherine Frazee (b. 6 Aug 1853, in Greenup Co., KY; d. 1944); 12 children;

25.10--Mildred (Milly) Keeney, b. 1852; d. 10 Jul 1861 at Cabin Creek; death reported by brother, M. W. Keeney

25.11--George Keeney, b. 1855; d. 9 Jul 1862 at age 7 of colic; death reported by sister, Adaline Keeney