Mildred Agnes Keeney:
Last of the Five Keeney Sisters

Todayshe spent her day watching television, chatting with friends and relativeson the phone, and working crossword puzzles, interspersed with chowingdown on the three good meals her nephew fixed.

Mack's and Mame's middle child wanted to be a teacher.Maxine, Hannah, and Dot were older, and Buster, Bennie, and George wereyounger. Milly, in the middle, went all three years to Malden High Schoolbut took some classes at Charleston High School and graduated a semesterearly in Jan 1933.

After sitting out a year working to help with tuition,she attended Kanawha College for two years, then finished her educationdegree at Marshall College in 1938 as the country waded through the Depressionyears and approached unawares the Second War of the World.

Mildred, now "Miss Keeney", started her career at LeewoodJunior High School in Leewood, WV, up Cabin Creek. She stayed there twoyears, and when a position opened up at the new DuPont High School, shetook it. In addition to her science duties, she also sponsored the school'sfirst student newspaper, which soon received national honors.

West Virginia Institute of Technology was next on hercareer ladder, and she taught students there (two? four?) years. She mayhave stayed and finished her career there but for another love of her life--GirlScouting.

The summer after she graduated from high school was thefirst of many she served as a counselor at Camp Anne Bailey, the Girl Scoutfacility located between Lewisburg and White Sulphur Springs in GreenbrierCounty. In later years she'd serve as the camp's director. It was in thislatter capacity that she was invited to West Hempstead, New York, to directfirst a Girl Scout camp and then a private camp there. The attraction wasoverpowering, resolved by her leaving WVIT and returning to the juniorhigh classroom, teaching 7th grade science for three years at West HempsteadJunior High School and for five years at George Washington Junior High.

Maybe it was her sister Hannah who succeeded in enticingher back. Somehow the two conspired to bring a dream to reality, to buya farm in West Virginia to use as a "camp" for the extended family. Andwhile Milly finished her career--at least a little closer to home--by teachingfor several years at Manassas, Virginia,  she and Hannah bought thefarm atop Chestnut Mountain near Hinton, WV. And use the farm the familydid! Siblings, nephews, nieces, cousins, and friends kept the place occupiedoften and for days at a time, almost year 'round. Her widowed uncle, GeorgeStanley, served for several of his last years as the farm's handyman andcaretaker.

And then Hannah started to fade with the onslaught ofcrippling arthritis and dementia. Milly determined to care for her, evento the point of selling the beloved farm to help stay solvent. A nephewmoved in to assist with Hannah's care. In 2001 Hannah died, and in 2003the first nephew died. Two more nephews helped by handling her finances,one of whom became her guardian. A fourth nephew moved in to provide live-inassistance.

This August 8, Mildred Agnes Keeney will celebrate 89years of living--loving, teaching, and helping others. And her legacy extendsinto the lives of thousands of relatives, friends, and former girl scoutsand students. May it continue to increase.

Roscoe, I started this chart to help me see where different people wereat any given time. It's very incomplete, of course, and yet it's fun toadd to it.

1911m. Nov 11
34 in Sep
m. Nov 11
32 in Sep
191235 in Sep33 in Sepb. 30 Nov
191336 in Sep34 in Sep0 in Sep
191437 in Sep35 in Sep1 in Sepb. 16 Jan
191538 in Sep36 in Sep2 in Sep1 in Sepb. 10 Feb
0 in Sep
191639 in Sep37 in Sep3 in Sep2 in Sep1 in Sepb. 8 Aug
191740 in Sep38 in Sep4 in Sep3 in Sep2 in Sep1 in Sep
191841 in Sep39 in Sep5 in Sep4 in Sep3 in Sep2 in Sepb. 3 Jun
191942 in Sep40 in Sep6 in Sep5 in Sep4 in Sep3 in Sep1 in Sep
192043 in Sep41 in Sep7 in Sep6 in Sep5 in Sep--1st4 in Sep2 in Sepb. 9 Nov
192144 in Sep42 in Sep8 in Sep7 in Sep6 in Sep--2nd5 in Sep--1st3 in Sep0 in Sep
192245 in Sep43 in Sep9 in Sep8 in Sep7 in Sep--3rd6 in Sep--2nd4 in Sep1 in Sepb. 18 Aug
192346 in Sep44 in Sep10 in Sep9 in Sep8 in Sep--4th7 in Sep--3rd5 in Sep2 in Sep1 in Sep
192447 in Sep45 in Sep11 in Sep10 in Sep9 in Sep--5th8 in Sep--4th6 in Sep3 in Sep2 in Sep
192548 in Sep46 in Sep12 in Sep11 in Sep10 in Sep--6th9 in Sep--5th7 in Sep4 in Sep3 in Sep
192649 in Sep47 in Sep13 in Sep12 in Sep11 in Sep--7th10 in Sep--6th8 in Sep5 in Sep4 in Sep
192750 in Sep48 in Sep14 in Sep13 in Sep12 in Sep--8th11 in Sep--7th9 in Sep6 in Sep5 in Sep
192851 in Sep49 in Sep15 in Sep14 in Sep13 in Sep--912 in Sep--8th10 in Sep7 in Sep6 in Sep
192952 in Sep50 in Sep16 in Sep15 in Sep14 in Sep--1013 in Sep--9th11 in Sp
193053 in Sep51 in Sep17 in Sep16 in Sep15 in Sep--1114 in Sep--10th12 in Sep
193154 in Sep52 in Sep18 in Sep17 in Sep16 in Sep--1215 in Sep--11th13 in Sep
193255 in Sep53 in Sep19 in Sep18 in Sepgrad May
17 in Sep--KC
16 in Sep--12th14 in Sep
193356 in Sep54 in Sepm. NHH on 18 Mar @19
20 in Sep
b. 17 Dec19 in Sep--fr?18 in Sep--KCgrad HS Jan17 in Sep15 in Sep
193457 in Sep55 in Sep21 in Sep0 in Sep20 in Sep19 in Sep18 in Sep16 in Sep
193558 in Sep56 in Sep22 in Sep1 in Sep21 in Sep20 in Sep19 in Sep--fr, KC17 in Sep
193659 in Sep57 in Sep23 in Sep2 in Sepb. 17 Oct22 in Sep21 in Sep20 in Sep--soph KC18 in Sep
193760 in Sep58 in Sep24 in Sep3 in Sep0 in Sep23 in Sep22 in Sep
21 in Sep--jr, MC
19 in Sep
1938d. 16 May, age 6059 in Sep25 in Sep4 in Sep1 in Sepb. 11 Oct24 in Sep23 in Sepgrad in May, MC,
22 in Sep,
taught at Leewood JHS at Leewood, Cabin Ck.
20 in Sep
193960 in Sep26 in Sep5 in Sep2 in Sep0 in Sep25 in Sep24 in Sep23 in Sep,
21 in Sep
1940 61 in Sep27 in Sep6 in Sep3 in Sep1 in Sepb. 30 Nov26 in Sep25 in Sep24 in Sep22 in Sep
1941602in Sep7 in Sep4 in Sep2 in Sep0 in Sepb. 4 Oct27 in Sep26 in Sep25 in Sep23 in Sep
194263 in Sep8 in Sep5 in Sep3 in Sep1 in Sep0 in Sep28 in Sepm. ASG 11 Aug
27 in Sep
26 in Sep24 in Sep
194364 in Sep9 in Sep6 in Sep4 in Sep2 in Sep1 in Sep29 in Sep28 in Sep27 in Sep25 in Sep
194465 in Sep10 in Sep7 in Sep5 in Sep3 in Sep2 in Sep30 in Sep29 in Sep28 in Sep26 in Sep
194566 in Sep11 in Sep8 in Sep6 in Sep4 in Sep3 in Sep31 in Sep30 in Sep29 in Sep27 in Sep
194667 in Sep12 in Sep9 in Sep7 in Sep5 in Sep4 in Sepb. 3 Sep32 in Sep31 in Sep30 in Sep28 in Sep
194768 in Sep13 in Sep10 in Sep8 in Sep6 in Sep5 in Sep1 in Sep33 in Sep32 in Sepb. 29 Oct32 in Sep29 in Sep
194869 in Sep0 in Sep33 in Sep30 in Sep
194970 in Sep1 in Sep34 in Sep
19502 in Sep35 in Sep
19513 in Sepb. 14 Feb
0 in Sep
36 in Sep
19524 in Sep1 in Sep37 in Sep
19535 in Sep--1st2 in Sep38 in Sep
19546 in Sep--2nd3 in Sep39 in Sep
19557 in Sep--3rd4 in Sep40 in Sep
19568 in Sep--4th5 in Sep41 in Sep
19579 in Sep--5th6 in Sep--1st42 in Sep
195810 in Sep--6th7 in Sep--2nd43 in Sep
195911 in Sep--7th8 in Sep--3rd44 in Sep
196012 in Sep--8th9 in Sep--4th45 in Sep
196113 in Sep--9th10 in Sep--5th46 in Sep
196214 in Sep--10th11 in Sep--6th47 in Sep
196315 in Sep--11th12 in Sep--7th48 in Sep
196416 in Sep--12th13 in Sep--8th49 in Sep
1965World's Fair in NYCity;
Hannah, 4Gwins,
& at least Jane Johnson
went and stayed at Milly's
grad May,
17 in Sep--fr
14 in Sep--9thwas teaching at West Hempstead,
50 in Sep
196618 in Sep--so15 in Sep--10th
196719 in Sep--jr16 in Sep--11th
196820 in Sep--sr17 in Sep--12th
196921 in Sep--sr2grad May
18 in Sep--fr
1970Jan--took last final on Fri, was in USArmy on Tues