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Tate Austin Johnson

Page Updated 7 Jun 2016

I was tiny here!                     

              Here I was a Tater Puppy!

Here are some of my favorite things:

Green Beans!

Green Beans again!

The color GREEN.

Paper Airplanes!


Here I am with all my brothers
--JD, Ryan, and Zach
--and my cousin Asher!
I am in the middle wearing
my GREEN shirt!

Now I am nine.  I don't remember when Papa and I made this page, but maybe I was five years old.

Today we made Tate's Fried Squash.

Here I am frying it in the kitchen.

I wrote the recipe on recipe paper for you:

And here is the copy of the recipe that Papa typed:

12 Jun 2015    
NAME: Tate's Fried Squash

INGREDIENTS: squash, flour, salt and pepper
INSTRUCTIONS: You preheat your oil on high to speed it up but you don't have to; you can put it on medium.
Slice your squash and put it in a Zip-Lock bag with some flour and salt and pepper.
Mix it together.  Brown the squash.  You can dump it all in, but grease can splash on you, so you don't have to dump it; you can put it in piece by piece. You have to flip it until it is brown on both sides.  Drain it on a paper towel.  Serve hot.


And here is the copy of the recipe that Papa typed:

7 Jun 2016    
NAME: Tate's Brown Sugar Parfait

INGREDIENTS: 1/4 cup of brown sugar, 6 oz. french vanilla yogurt,  5 large strawberries (diced), 1/8 cantaloupe (diced), 1 banana (diced), whipped cream, and chocolate syrup.
INSTRUCTIONS: Mix brown sugar and yogurt in a bowl, add fruit, spoon mixture in serving bowl. Top with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.
                                                                                         Tate Austin Johnson