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Jason Deane Johnson, Jr.

(but please call me "J. D.")

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Age four months, exhausted
after singing the Star Spangled
Banner at the 4th of July game.

At age five months: tickled to death
remembering his first home run.

J.D., age six months, and no,
he hasn't finished reading through
the Bible once yet. 
Shouldn't be long now, though...

18 months:


Beach bum!

Some of my favorite things are battle robots,  animals that run really fast on four legs (like panthers, jaguars, lions, cheetahs, and tigers),  playing soccer, playing basketball at school, and eating chicken nuggets.

I like how this robot has claws.

This is Voltron.

He's in space.

I like ninjas.

      I call him Mini Ninja.

I like Poptropica.
Poptropica is a online universe