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William Gwin

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Col. William M. Gwin

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In 1999 Stan Gwin contacted me.  He's quite possibly a cousin through my ggg-grandpa, John Gwin, grandson of Richard Gwin of Jamestown, VA.  I say this because in the 1820 Census of Dallas Co., AL, not only was Isham's son and my ggg-grandpa, John Gwin, there, but also listed was a William Gwin whom I believe to be John's brother and whom I believe to be the namesake for John's fourth-born, my gg-grandpa, William Gwin.  This William whom I believe to be John's brother disappeared after a census or two and may have surfaced again next door in Mississippi--where Stan's Col. William M. Gwin was living when he died ca. 1894.  All this latter is speculation, however, and so we post his family data here in hopes that one of you readers may be able to help us make the connection.  If so, please contact Stan and/or me, John Gwin--thanks!

Stanford Payne Gwin's  LINE:

1.--William M. Gwin

2.--John M. Gwin
3.--Grover Cleveland Gwin
4.--Stanford Waller Gwin
5.--Stanford Payne Gwin, b. 13 Dec 1938 ; m. 1962 to Charlotte Virginia Gentry of Pascagoula, MS;  in 1999 was serving as  a corporate and political communication specialist on the faculty of the School of Communication of the University of Southern Mississippi; retired there in 2000; in 2003 is now Professor of Communication at Southern Utah University --e.mail him at or
6.1--Stanford Gentry Gwin b. 10 Feb 1969, was living in Hattiesburg, MS, in 1999

6.2--Stephen Payne Gwin, b. July 11, 1971, was living in Provo, UT, in 1999; is now in 2003 living in Hattiesburg--e.mail him at    Stan says, "Stephen is [in 2003] at our former address in Hattiesburg and is pursuing genealogy with vigor.Ý He is the expert to whom questions should be directed."

6.3--Brian Rushing Gwin, b.  21 Oct 1978, was serving a mission for Christ in Budapest, Hungary, with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter  Day Saints in 1999; is now in 2003 in school at USM in Hattiesburg, MS.

6.4--Marjorie Elizabeth Gwin, b. 4 Jul 1981, was a HS senior and still at home in 1999; m. in St. George, UT, 18 Dec 2002 to Jeremy Richard Wittwer of Cedar City, UT, where they now reside and attend school.

Stanford Payne Gwin's  NOTES:  1999: Another point of interest.  I have found Colonel William M. Gwin's will as probated in 1894 in the courthouse in Lincoln Co., MS.  I am in the process of securing it for transfer to the archives at the University of Southern Mississippi where it will be the first document in the "Gwin Family Papers", a collection of stuff from people with our name, protected by the professional archivists for our progeny to come and see forever.  As soon as the collection is open, I will give you instructions as to how to arrange to deposit historical documents that you would like to have preserved and protected so that our heirs can see them for years to come.

2003: The Gwin papers are created in the archives at The University of Southern Mississippi.Ý At the moment all they have in them is letters from William to his brotherÝ in Houston, Texas.Ý Maybe a connection to Torrey's family.Ý The repository is now open to other Gwin documents that any of us might like to preserve.Ý I am still trying to get William's will and other documents released from the Lincoln County Courthouse.Ý Anything you have to go in the collection that connects to William in any way will be preserved and cared for there.


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