Photos of Descendents of 
William Sutton Gwin
and Ida Eliza Basset
(Mrs. W.S.) Gwin

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These photos were sent in by my third cousin, Ann Gray, who descendsfrom Ida Basset's older sister Charlotte Basset and her second husband,Rev. Henry Landon Derby of Virginia.  The picture of Billyis dated 1937-38 from the writing on the back of it which says, "BillieMarable at front door on way out to school--he has nice pretty hair--thatslick is same thing the boys were effecting at school at that time--heis 18 years old."  (Billy was born 27 Oct 1919.)   In anotherhand, written in pencil on the back of each of the photos, is the close-but-erroneousinscription "c. 1930-35 Cahawba Alabama Basset cousin," which should haveread "c. 1937-38, Talladega, Alabama, Basset cousin."   If thesepictures were taken at the same time, then Kate's and Nell's ages would've been around  45-46 and 32-33, respectively.  Thanks,Ann!
--John M. Gwin


Kate Lula Gwin,
daughter of William Sutton Gwin
and Ida Eliza Basset (Mrs. W.S.) Gwin.

Nellie Densler Gwin (Mrs. George) Marable,
d/o William Sutton Gwin and Ida Eliza Basset(Mrs. W.S.) Gwin,
leaving for work one morning with purse and lunch inhand.

William Marshall "Billy" Marable,
s/o George Marshall Marable and Nellie DenslerGwin (Mrs. G.M.) Marable,
leaving for school at age 18 wearing a "Talladega Bears"t-shirt.

Sisters Kate Lula Gwin (left)and
Nellie Densler Gwin (Mrs. G.M.) Marable,
daughters of William Sutton Gwin and Ida ElizaBasset (Mrs. W.S.) Gwin.