Following are photocopies of documents (sent in by cousins Mike Walker and Jim Wall)
pertaining to the last will and testament of Isom Gwin of Orange County, Indiana,
together with my side-by-side and line-by-line transcriptions of each.   John M. Gwin

Orange Probate Court, January term for 1831

Benjamin Ratcliff produced in open court, the last will

and testament of Isom Gwin of which probate was made by the examin-

ation of Reuben Whitten, one of the subscribing witnesses, ordered that the

said will be recorded and that Benjamin Ratcliffe, one of the

executors named therein file bond in the Clerk's office with a penalty

of one thousand dollars with Samuel Stallcup as his security and

that he otherwise qualify to act as executor according to law.

In the name of God, amen, I, Isom Gwinn of the county

of Orange and state of Indiana, being sick and weak in body but

of sound mind and disposing memory, for which I thank God, and calling to

mind the uncertainty of human life, and being desirous to dispose of all

such worldly estate as it has pleased God to bless me with,

I give and bequeath the same in manner and following, that is to say,

1st I give to my wife Mary Gwinn all my estate both real and personal for

and during the time (term?) of her natural life except such as has heretofore been pro-

vided for her maintenance and support.

2ndly After the death of my wife Mary Gwin, I give all my estate both

real and personal except such as heretofore been provided, for her support

and maintenance to my children, equally to be divided among them and

to ________ enjoyed by them forever,

John Gwin's Transcription
of Photocopies of Original Record
Photocopies Provided by Cousin Mike Walker


Sam'l McIntosh administrator de bonus now with the will of Isom Gwin dec. annexed comes now and on his motion It is ordered that he do first pay $3.35 subsequent costs accrued herein which he now here accordingly does -- and it is further ordered that he do pay out said surplus of $1343.00 as follows to wit:

To heirs of Elijah Wright dec. to wit:

Ruth A Childers --

Isom Wright
  Mary Stocup

Benjn Wright

Leander Wright

Elijah R. Wright

To the heirs of Polly Walker, dec, to wit:

Isom Wright Walker $16.58

15May1855Red Elizabeth Wright this sum Richard Radcliff $16.58

7 July 1855 Rc'd of admr. by J. Payne two hundred and ninety seven dollars}
and ninety seven cents: to payout in this distribution) A. M. Black, Ck.}
(Capt. Gwin, dec.)


Tuesday 3rd April AD 1855

James Walker 16.58

Thomas Walker 16.58

Mary Walker 16.58

Anderson Walker 16.58

Mahala Walker Rd this sum Richard Radcliff 16.58

Manerva Walker 16.58

Huston Walker 16.58

David Denton
$149.22 2/9

Benj Weathers
$149.22 2/9

I. Gwin
$149.22 2/9

J. B. Huston & wife
$149.22 2/9

Squire Huston & wife
$149.22 2/9
Richard Gwin Red. of clk. my share, R W Gwin
$149.22 2/9
William Huston A M Black clk this sum William Huston
$149.22 2/9

and file the receipts of said distributees for said amounts. upon which it is ordered that he be discharged here from. 8 May 1855. Rec of admr. by hand of J. Payne the sum of $116.06 in full of the above shares of Isom Wright Walker, James Walker, Thomas Walker, Mary Walker, Anderson Walker, Manerva Walker & Huston Walker and [illegible word] for filed--
Attest A M Black


Asa M. Black, administrator of the estate of David F. Porter ___ comes now and files his petition sworn to in due form showing that it would be of advanage to the estate to sell at private sale certain personal property therein mentioned at