George H. Gwin
Annie Wheeler

of VA, Lincoln Co., NC, and Troy, MO


 See our developing theory on the "As-of-yet Unrelated" Gwins.

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On Feb 1, 2007, at 3:58 PM, June Stewart wrote:
Dear John,
I noticed some of your research on these families.
Our line believes they may also descend from these families in Pittsylvania Co, VA.  George H. GUINN of Lincoln Co, NC.
Do you know anyone working on this line currently???
June D. Stewart, Tucson, AZ
Here is bio written by daughter & her husband:
Excerpt from Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, published in1891 article on Levi C. Bain.
"Our subject (referring here to Levi's father, John Bain) was united in marriage in early manhood to Mary Guinn who was born in Lincoln County, North Carolina in 1812...Her father, George Guinn,was a Virginian by birth and went from there to South Carolina with his parents, and thence to North Carolina where he married, taking as his wife Annie Wheeler, a native of North Carolina.  He finally moved to the Territory of Missouri, traveling overland and was pioneer of Lincoln County.  He bought land near Troy which he developed into a farm and made his home until his death, and his wife also died in Missouri. Mrs. Bain now resides in Batchtown (Calhoun County, Illinois) with her children.  She is the mother of 13 children, of whom the following twelve lived to maturity:  William, Mary, Effie, Julia, John, Emeline, Rhoda, George, Martha, Levi, Charles, and Sarah.  James, the first born, died young."
Descendants of George H. Guinn:
1.00--George H. Guinn b. ca. 1760 in VA; m. Annie Wheeler (b. ca. 1770 in NC)
2.01--Nancy Guinn, b. ca. 1790;

2.02--Elizabeth Guinn, b. ca. 1791;

2.03--Sarah Guinn, b. ca. 1793;

2.04--Thomas A. Guinn, b. ca. 1795;

2.05--Susan Guinn, b. ca. 1800;

2.06--William Guinn, b. ca. 1800;

2.07--Milly P. Guinn, b. 1805;

2.08--John Guinn, b. 1808;

2.09--Frances Guinn, b. 1809;

2.10--Edmund Guinn, b. 1812;

2.11--Rachel Guinn, b. 13 Jul  1815;

2.12--Mary Guinn, b. ca. 1815; m. Levi C. Bain
The marriage bond for Ann Wheeler to George Gevin (Guin or Gwin) on 23Feb 1789 with Thomas Wheeler as surety and Jo Dickson as witness is recorded in Lincoln Co., NC.  George signed with an X.  (This marriage is also listed on FTM CD Early Marriages of Southern States).

Lookup of Mudd's History of Lincoln County, Missouri by Patricia E. Archer dated 28 Aug 2000.

George Guinn Page 33

George Guinn, Thomas A. Guinn, William Guinn - page 33.  Miscellaneous--From the assessment list of 1821, the earliest one preserved among the records, it is found that the following were then resident tax-payers.  This is almost a complete list of the early pioneers.  As far as descriptions of land set opposite to their names indicated, they are classified according to location in each of the then four municipal townships (Bedford, Union, Hurricane and Monroe).  In Bedford were:  George Guinn, Thomas A. Guinn, William Guinn (listed here).
1782 Census of Pittsylvania Co., VA
Head of Household  White  Black
Gwinn, George H. -- 10 -- 9
1782 Land Taxes Pittsylvania Co., VA
Hames Gwinn........................400                         
George Homes Gwinn...........190
A List of the changes of Property of the Land in Pittsylvania for theyear 1783
George H Gwinn..........100..........................Jacob Dean
A List of the changes of Property of the Land in Pittsylvania for theyear 1784
Holmes Gwinn.......... 400
Mixed Probate Records - Pittsylvania Co., VA
Book 2, 1788-1797
Gwin, George
Mixed Probate Records, Pittsylvania Co., VA
Book 11, 1834 -1837
Guinn, Littleberry
Mixed Probate Records - Pittsylvania Co., VA
Book 12, 1837-1840
Guinn, Jesse
Mixed Probate Records - Pittsylvania County, VA, Book 27 - 1863-1864
Guinn, James - Malvina J. Guinn, adm
Guinn, James, children - gdn was Jesse Guinn
  Children were not listed specifically, but mentioned were:
  Edmund, John, Thompson & Mary S. Guinn
YEAR 1767
The History of Pittsylvania County
by Maud Carter Clement
List of Tithables Taken by George Jefferson in Pittsylvania County
and Cambden Parish for the year 1767

Jas. Guinn
Pyerce Guinn

Below is possible relation to George GUINN & Annie WHEELER:
Re: GEORGE GUINN m. ANNIE WHEELER Feb 23, 1789 Lincoln Co., NC
Author: Andy Leath  Date: 9 Jun 2002 1:19 AM GMT 
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In Reply to: GEORGE GUINN m. ANNIE WHEELER Feb 23, 1789 LincolnCo, NC  by:  June Stewart
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I have a William GWIN family in Lincoln County that might be connectedto your George GUINN. I know very little about them. But there are a fewties to a George GWIN and a Thomas WHEELER that suggest a connection.
William GWIN wrote his will in Lincoln Co., NC, 8 Feb 1817. He stated thathe is old and that he willed his land, furniture, and some livestock tohis wife Nancy GWIN, then after her death to his daughter Polly. One bedto granddaughter Polly Williams HOWARD. He states that his son-in-law AllenHOWARD is working his land, but he is to support Nancy. After Nancy's death,the land is to go to Allen HOWARD and his wife Polly. Grandson son WilliamH. HOWARD $5. Execs to be wife Nancy and Allen HOWARD. William Gwin signedwith his mark.

Witnesses to the will were:
Henry BARKLEY, Jurat.
George (his x mark) GWIN,
Elizabeth (her X mark) BARKELY

Dr. A. B. Pruitt. ABSTRACTS OF DEEDS: LINCOLN CO., NC, 1786-1793(Books 3, 4, and 16), 1988

Vol. 16 p. 78 6 Dec 1790 Thomas WHEELER, planter, Lincoln Co., to WilliamGUIN, planter, same, 70 lbs., 125 acres west side Cataba River adj. Jno.WAGGONER, granted 11 Oct 1783 to Thomas WHEELER. Wtn. George GWIN, TheophilusWILLIFORD.

---, 1793-1800 (Books 17, 18, and 19)
Vol. 19 p. 81 15 Aug 1789 John (x) WAGGONER, Lincoln Co., to ThomasWHEELER, Lincoln Co., 100 lbs., 100 acres west side Catawba River, bothside of Little Creek, adj. branch between the place I live and Edmond WAGGONERS,granted 25 Apr 1767 to Thomas BEATY, sold to David ROBERTSON, sold 16 Aug1776 to David RUSSEL, sold 21 Mar 1778 to John WAGGONER. Wtn. John ALLEN,George GUINN, Benjamin ALLEN.

---, (Books 23, 24, and 25)
Vol. 24 page 97 18 Mar 1807 Thomas WHEELER, Lincoln Co., to WilliamHOWARD, Lincoln Co., 30 obs., 190 acres south fork of Mountain Creek whereThomas Wheeler lives, adj. MCCORKLE, John WILKENSON, James GIRCO (GIREE?),Joseph CRONKLETON, and dividing line between George LITTLE and Thomas WHEELER,part of two tracts, first tract granted to Thomas LITTLE 7 Oct 1782, sold2 Oct 1786 to John REED, sold 8 Dec 1802 to Thomas WHEELER, Wtn. Alexr.MCCORKEL jurat, Samuel MARTIN.

[note by Andy Leath: William HOWARD is the father of Allen HOWARD whomarried Polly GWIN]

Weynette Parks Haun. MORGAN DISTRICT, NORTH CAROLINA SUPERIOR COURTOF LAW & EQUITY. PART I: "Criminal Action Papers" (no date)-1789. BOOKIV.
p. 32 [255] State of North Carolina Lincoln County Memorandum of Recognizancetaken and enetered before me a justice for said county 30 Nov 1787 WilliamGWEEN, principle bond $100, Thomas WHEELER security, $50. GWEEN to appearat next Superior Court of Law at Morgan, March next, and answer bill ofindictment for assault & battery. Fras. CUNNINGHAM, J. P. Wm. GUINRecg.

Polly GWIN, dau. of William GWIN, b. 29 Mar 1786 NC d. 1872 m. about1801-2 Allen HOWARD b. 1778 NC d. 1858, both bur. Lincoln Co., NC. Elevenchildren:

1. William Henderson HOWARD b. 1802
2. Francis R. HOWARD b. 1805
3. Nancy F. HOWARD b. 1807
4. Henry H. HOWARD b. 1809
5. John H. HOWARD b. 1812
6. Polly Williams HOWARD b. 1815
7. Sally H. HOWARD . 1817
8. Milly C. HOWARD b. 1819
9. James M. HOWARD b. 1821 (my line)
10. Elizabeth Read HOWARD b. 1824
11. Martha Carlile HOWARD b. 1828
While the will and deeds prove no connection between William GWIN and GeorgeGUINN/GWIN, I think they do suggest that the George GUINN/GWIN associated with Thomas WHEELER is the same George GUINN/GWIN who is associated with William GWIN and the HOWARD family.
I also found this, which seems to be George GUINN's dau.:
Thomas Mann Betcey Guinn 3 Jan 1814 bondsman? Ashman Guin?
Andy Leath