Following is an index for the many folders onthe CD sent to me in August 2002
by Martin Skubinna of Washington, DC
regarding his as-yet-unrelated Gwin ancestors of Jamestown,VA, and Greene County, TN

1.01--"ACD Systems" folder
    2.01--PlugIns folder
        3.01--16 files--can't open

    2.01--11 files--can't open

1.03--"Greeneville" folder
    2.01--Greene4.gif--Greene County map
    2.02--Guinn109.jpg--modern topo map, Greeneville
    2.03--guinn110.jpg--left half, map of Greeneville,1875
    2.04--Guinn111.jpg--right half, map of Greeneville,1875
    2.05--p000929.jpg--Photo--highway scene
    2.06--p000931.jpg--Photo--highway scene
    2.07--pic1644.jpg--Photo--Roadside sign: Old HarmonyGraveyard, est. 1791, etc.
    2.08--pic1645.jpg--photo--granite marker for choleraepicemic of 1873
    2.09--pic1656.jpg--Photo--sign, Oak grove Cem. chartered1883
    2.10--pic1657.jpg--Photo--entrance to cemetery

    2.01--"Guinn Family" crests and line-and-block chart

1.05--"Guinn.wpg"--can't open

1.06--"Guinn_2.jpg"--Guinn crest close-up

1.07--"HISTORY" folder--78 jpegs
    2.02--America.doc--Paper: The Guinn Family in America(7 pgs.)
    2.03--FG-Guinn.DOC--Printout, 10-field databaseon ca.130+ people--(40+ pages)
    2.04--guinn2.jpg--GWYNN FAMILY (pp248-249 of "ColonialFamilies of the Southern States of America"
    2.05--guinn3.jpg--GWYNN FAMILY (pp250-251 of "ColonialFamilies of the Southern States of America"---!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2.06--guinn4.jpg--GWYNN FAMILY (pp252, 822 of "ColonialFamilies of the Southern States of America"---!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2.07--guinn5.jpg--GWYNN FAMILY (p823 of "ColonialFamilies of the Southern States of America"---!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2.08--guinn6.jpg--Bible Records--Tombstone Inscriptionsof people b. early 1800's--some Gwynns
    2.09--guinn7.jpg--Timber Ridge Presbyterian Ch.Membership 1786-1986
    2.10--guinn8.jpg--same TRPCh list of Elders, Deacons,and Trustees
    2.11--guinn9.jpg--entry 710--Mr. Guinn and MaryAnn Greenlee, 3 Apr 1843
    2.12--guinn10.jpg--Captain Evan Guin 's District1809, pp. 11, 14
    2.13--guinn11.jpg--Greene Co., TN, 1805 Tax List(7 Guins)
    2.14--guinn15.jpg--Early east TN Taxpayers (pp 178/179)
    2.15--guinn16.jpg--Greene Co., TN, 1805 Tax Listp. 177
    2.16--guinn17.jpg--Greene Co., TN, 1805 Tax Listp. 180-181
    2.17--guinn19.jpg--copy of James Guin's estate dispositionafter his death
    2.18--guinn20.jpg--copy of John Guin's last willand testament
    2.19--guinn22.jpg--copy of the same
    2.20--guinn23.jpg--copy of page two of the same
    2.21--guinn30.jpg-from "Texas and Texans", p. 2159--entry,John B. Gwin
    2.22--guinn31.jpg-History of David Cook Harris ofPalo Pinto Co., TX
    2.23--guinn32.jpg-above, con'td.
    2.24--guinn40.jpg-bio of Judge Frank Benton Guin,1855 (pg. 5 or 54)
    2.25--guinn41.jpg-bio of Judge Frank Benton Guin,1855 (pg. 6 or 55)
    2.26--guinn42.jpg-bio of Judge Frank Benton Guin,1855 (pg. 7 or 56)
    2.27--guinn43.jpg-bio of Judge Frank Benton Guin,1855 (pg. 8 or 57)
    2.28--guinn44.jpg-bio of Judge Frank Benton Guin,1855 (pg. 8 or 57)
    2.29--guinn45.jpg-hand copy, 1850 Census, GreeneCo., TN
    2.30--guinn46.jpg-3 Guinn bios, Cherokee Co., TX,Horticulturists
    2.31--guinn47.jpg-pg. 598, 1850 TN, many Guins andGuinns
    2.32--guinn48.jpg-pg. 596, 1850 TN, many Guinns
    2.33--guinn49.jpg-pg. 22 of a little book on theE.E. Guinn family
    2.34--guinn50.jpg-page from AL Hist. Qrtrly, Fall'42, Vol. 4, #3--JMK Guinn
    2.35--guinn51.jpg-same, pg. 319
    2.36--guinn60.jpg-handwritten doc. witnessed byEvan Guinn
    2.37--guinn61.jpg-handwritten doc. signed by JohnGuinn and others
    2.38--guinn62.jpg-intro to Chapter 3,"Hartford Township",Hist of Iowa Co.(pg. 552?)
    2.39--guinn63.jpg-pg 553, same book
    2.40--guinn64.jpg-p. 554, same book
    2.41--guinn65.jpg-pp. 555-556, same book
    2.42--guinn66.jpg-pp. 557-558, same book
    2.43--guinn67.jpg-pp. 561-562, same book
    2.44--guinn68.jpg-pp. 559-560, same book
    2.45--guinn69.jpg-pp. 563-564, same book
    2.46--guinn70.jpg-pp. 565-566, same book
    2.47--guinn71.jpg-Pioneer Recollections, pp. 118,168
    2.48--guinn72.jpg-, same book, Buckeye and BellPlain and p. 234
    2.49--guinn73.jpg-Compendium, pg. 706
    2.50--guinn75.jpg-Early Western Augusta Pioneers,Pt. 2, Gwin Fam., Geo. W. Cleek, 1857 (1957?), p. 95
    2.51--guinn76.jpg-same, pg. 96
    2.52--guinn77.jpg-same pg. 97
    2.53--guinn78.jpg-same pg. 100
    2.54--guinn79.jpg-Franklin Dwight Guinn
    2.56--guinn81.jpg-Frank and Mary & 2 kids, picand bios
    2.57--guinn82.jpg-Belle Plain and Guinnville, p.3
    2.58--guinn83.jpg-unk. landscape photo
    2.59--guinn84.jpg-same as guinn82--p. 5
    2.60--guinn86.jpg-photo, Malvina and WashingtonEaly
    2.61--guinn88.jpg-same as guinn82--p. 7
    2.62--guinn89.jpg-same as guinn82--p. 11
    2.63--guinn90.jpg-same as guinn82--p. 13
    2.64--guinn92.jpg-obit, Alpha m. Guinn Greenlee
    2.65--guinn93.jpg-directory opf Benton Co., Iowa,pp. 510-511
    2.66--guinn94.jpg-Edwin Davis Guinn family and photo
    2.67--guinn100.jpg-Frank Benton Guinn & HeflinSocrates guinn families
    2.68--guinn101.jpg-3 more Guinn families
    2.69--guinn102.jpg-2 more Guinn families
    2.70--guinn103.jpg-2 more Guinn families
    2.71--guinn104.jpg-Guinn & Guinn Law Firm (photoof Malcolm Guinn)
    2.72--History-Guinn.doc-History of the guinn Family(21 pp)---!!!!!!!*****
    2.73--Hyrcanus-Iowa1.jpg-photo, Hyrcanus Guinn
    2.74--Hyrcanus-Iowa2.jpg-photo, W.J. Guinn, age16, son of Hyrcanus Guinn
    2.75--Iowa.doc-the Move to Iowa  (7 pp)
    2.76--James Guinn family.jpg--photo, fam. of seven
    2.77--John Guinn-Iowa.jpg--photo of John (Hyrcanus'brother)

1.08--James M. Guinn (Conf.)
    2.01--Guinn12.jpg--p. 82, lots of Guins/Guinns bycounties and years
    2.02--Guinn13.jpg--Guinns in Greene Co., TN
    2.03--Guinn114.jpg--Photo and bio of James MilesKillian Guinn (1835-aft. 1883) of Wedowee, Randolph Co., AL; CSA Capt.,Randolph Co. Supt. of Educ., Publisher
    2.04--Guinn115.jpg--Photo of some sort of CSA military"card numbers" ticket for the above.
    2.05-Guinn116.jpg--Photo of a 31 Aug 1861 militarypay voucher for the above.
    2.06--Guinn117.jpg--Photo of a partially legiblemilitary report in the hand of the above.
    2.07--Guinn118.jpg--Photo of a 30 Nov 1862 militarypay voucher for the above.
    2.08--Guinn119.jpg--Photo of a 30 Jun 1862 militarypay voucher for the above.
    2.09--Guinn120.jpg--Photo of a 1 Apr 1861 (2?) militarypay voucher for the above.
    2.10--Guinn121.jpg--Photo of a 2 Mar 1862 militarypay voucher for the above.
    2.11--Guinn122.jpg--Photo of a 1 Mar 1863 militarypay voucher for the above.
    2.12--Guinn123.jpg--Photo of a ? Jul 1862 militarypay voucher for the above.
    2.10--Guinn124.jpg--Photo of a mostly illegibletypeset document.
    2.13--Guinn125.jpg--Photo of a 3 Oct 1861 militarypay voucher for the above.
    2.14--Guinn126.jpg--Photo of a 10 Aug 1861 militarypay voucher for the above.
    2.15--Guinn127.jpg--Photo of the 21 Apr 1863 Letterof Resignation as Captai for the above.
    2.16--Guinn128.jpg--Photo of a 26 Apr 1863 Titleof Record for leave for the above.
    2.17--Guinn129.jpg--Photo of four documents--MusterRoll/ Regimental Return, 1861-62--for the above.
    2.18--Guinn130.jpg--Photo of four more documents--MusterRoll/s, 1861-62--for the above.
    2.19--Guinn131.jpg--Photo of four more documents--MusterRoll/s, 1861-63--for the above.
    2.20--Guinn132.jpg--Photo of four more documents--MusterRoll/s, 1862--for the above.
    2.20--Guinn133.jpg--Photo of four more documents--leave,registers, etc., 1862-65--for the above.
    2.22--Guinn134.jpg--same as Guinn133.jpg
James M..doc--genealogical fact sheet for the above--going back severalgenerations
Stanley Genealogy (Original).doc--genealogical fact sheet for Ancestorsof Mary Augusta Stanley--going back several generations

1.09--John Guinn1 (8 items)
    2.01--Bright Hope Friday 29th May 1835. doc--anitemization of sales on a store record for this day.
    2.02--Bright Hope Saturday 29th August 1835. doc--anitemization of sales on a store record for this day.
    2.03--Greene Co.doc--Greene County, Tennessee TaxList--List of Taxables in Captain Samuel Gragg's Company for 1796
    2.04--Guinn55.jpg--John Guinn's will (in his ownhand?)
    2.05--Guinn56.jpg--John Guinn's will (in his ownhand?)
    2.06--Guinn57.jpg--John Guinn's and Rachel Shields'marriage
    2.07--Guinn58.jpg--John Guinn's document of death
    2.08--Guinn59.jpg--part of John Guinn's will (inhis own hand?)

1.09--Penelope Guinn1 (6 items)
    2.01--croft-2.jpg-----could not be opened
    2.02--croft-5.jpg-----could not be opened
    2.03--Guinn108.jpg-----could not be opened
    2.04--Image1.jpg-----could not be opened
    2.05--Penelope.jpg-----could not be opened
    2.06--Penelope.wpg-----could not be opened

1.10--Texas (13 items)--none of them could be opened

1.11--William S. Guinn (10 items)--none of them could be opened
    2.08--MaryAnn Greenlee-Guinn.jpg--
    2.10--William-S-Guinn F...y (not pictured).jpg--