Select Families from the 1850 U.S.Census
of Dallas County, Alabama
Taken week of 4 Nov 1850 to 9 Nov1850
especially in and around the Townof Cahawba,
with Comments from John M. Gwin
and Links to Many Other Pages inThis Site


Names listed with a blue asterisk *are linked to at least one photograph in Barbara Ward's old familyphoto album!

Ref. #
JMG Comment added June 2003
001523E. G. Ulmer38MPhysician$3500SC?
Member of the congregation of the Methodist church in Cahawba, friendof Rev. James L. Cotten andguardian of Cotten's bride-to-be; Ulmer is buried in Cahawba's New Cemetery;
002M. J. Ulmer29FAL
003M. E. Ulmer4FAL
004526Wm. Bassett38MTailor$500EnglandWilliam Basset, JMG'sgg-grandpa, buried in Cahawba's New Cemetery
005Harriet  Bassett38FEnglandJMG's gg-grandma, buried in sw corner of the county
006Charlotte Bassett13FEnglandFuture bride of the Derby brothers and matriarch of the VirginiaDerbys; JMG's g-grandaunt; more at WilliamBasset
007James Bassett11MEnglandJMG's g-granduncle; more at WilliamBasset
008Peter Bassett9MEnglandJMG's g-granduncle; more at WilliamBasset
009Eliza Bassett6FEnglandIda Eliza, my g-grandma, buried in Wilsonville, Shelby Co.,AL; future bride of William Sutton Gwin*(s/o Wm. and Roe Gwin); more at WilliamBasset
010John Bassett4MALJMG's g-granduncle, whose birth in AL indicates that the Bassets camefrom England between ca. 1844 and ca. 1846; more at WilliamBasset
011M. A. Bassett6/12FALJMG's g-grandaunt and future bride of a Mr. Boykin; more atWilliam Basset
012545Abel Turner50MCarpenter$800NCJMG's gg-granduncle; more at John Gwin
013Mary Turner33FALMary Gwin, oldest d/o John and Jane*(Walker)Gwinand widow of Drury Hampton Roark; JMG's gg-grandaunt; more at JohnGwin
014Anna Turner*4/12FALFuture bride of her own 1st cousin, RufusKing Gwin, who at the time of this census, would not be born toWill and Roe (16 and 17 below) for another two and a half years; [Annaand King are, respectively, my (JMG's) 1st cousin thrice removed and great-granduncle]
015Wr. J. Rowark8MALWalter J. Roark, s/o Mary and her first husband, DruryHampton Roark;  Walter was living with the Grice family alongwith his Gwin grandparents in 1860; killed at Gettysburg in 1863; JMG's1st cousin thrice removed; more at John Gwin
016547William Guinn*29MCarpenterALWilliam Gwin, JMG's gg-grandpa,buried in Wilsonville; 4th child of John and Jane
017RoseMan*    "28FALnee RoseAnn Carlisle Jones Wilson; JMG's gg-grandma, buriedin Wilsonville; d/o Nathaniel and Jane Jones Wilson*
018Elizabeth*    "7FALMary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gwin*,future bride of Robert Guy Lochridge*;more at William Gwin
019Wm. *   "3MALWilliam Sutton Gwin, *my g-grandpa; future husband of Ida Eliza Bassett
020Joseph Wilson*20MCarpenterALJoseph Jones Abernathy Wilson, *brother of RoseAnn (017 above); JMG's gg-granduncle; likely employee ofWilliam or John Gwin.
021Charles Farr18MCarpenterALunk.; likely employee and/or apprentice of William or John Gwin; see#113 below
022548Joseph Basset28MCarpenterEnglandJoseph Lavalette Basset isbrother of #004 William Basset.  JLB m1. Ann Gwin, d/o Johnand Jane (Ann d. 1845).  JLB m2. Louisa Catherine High Blann,widow of Mr. Sandford Blann. 
023Louisa     "23FSCLouisa Catherine High, widow of the late Sandford Blann. She is likely the daughter of John High who appears on the 1830Dallas Co. census as a close neighbor of both the John Blannand John Gwin *families;more at Joseph Lavalette Basset
024Emily     "6FALEmily Ann Basset, only child of Joseph and Ann Gwin Basset,b. 3 Nov 1843; more at Joseph LavaletteBasset
025Margaret     "1FALMargaret Revel Basset, b. 29 Sep 1849; baptizedby Cotten Sunday, 21 Apr 1850; never married; d. 18 Dec 1903; moreat Joseph Lavalette Basset
026Mary High15FALLouisa's (023) younger sister and next-door-neighbor to JosephJones Abernathy Wilson, * (020 above) whom she will soon marry
027Henry Bridger19MCarpenterEnglandFriend and perhaps apprentice and/or adopted son of Johnand Mary Miles Basset.  Henry immigrated to Cahaba from Englandwith the Bassets.  Joseph and Louisa's son, H. B. Basset, wouldbe named for him.
028549Jeremiah Lister32MTailorGAPartner of Wm. Basset in the Tailor Shop in Cahawba
029Eliza     "25FAL
030James     "10MMS
031Mary     "8FALFuture bride of Robert GeorgeCheeseman (s/o Charlotte Basset Cheeseman--she is sister of Wm.Basset and JMG's gg-grandaunt); Mary, then, and Robert are JMG's1st cousins thrice removed (see #59 below)
032Charles     "6MAL
033560Jesse Comelander46MMechanic$2,800SCJohn and Jane Gwin's son-in-law; more at JohnGwin
034Martha I. (or J.)     "22FALNext-to-youngest daughter of John and Jane*(twin of Chesley's?); married by Rev.Cotten--according to his diary entry of that date--to Jesse in a doubleceremony with her oldest sister Mary (widow of Drury Roark) and Abel Turner17 May 1849 (probably at John's and Jane's home); more at JohnGwin
035I. (or J.) W.     "11MALChild of Jesse by an earlier wife.
036M. I. (or J.)     "8FALChild of Jesse by an earlier wife
037Elizabeth     "6FALChild of Jesse by an earlier wife.  In the 1860 census of DallasCo., Elizabeth Comelander, age 15, is living with her her firstcousin, Walter Roark, also age 15; and her grandparents, Johnand Jane Gwin*,all in the home of a young couple by the name of W. G. and Eliza Grice,these last perhaps family friends through John's wagon-building and repairbusiness since Grice is listed as a carpenter.  Perhaps Elizabeth'sand Walter's respective parents were dead, John and Jane had agreed tokeep the grandchildren, and then Jane had fallen ill (she would die between1860 and 1870 and be buried in Cahawba). 

Since by 1860 six of John and Jane's children were likely dead and theother three, William, Sarah, and Chesley, were either living too far awayto help or had too many children of their own, John and Jane were likelythe only ones left to care for Walter and Elizabeth. 

Or perhaps Jane is in such poor health that she needs more assistancethan John alone and/or the Grices can now provide, so Walter and Elizabethhave gone to live with their grandparents and help.

The six who were likely dead by 1860:The three still living in 1860:
Isom*(d. 1853)
Mary (Walter's mom, d. unk.)
Thomas (Unaccounted for)
Ann (d. 1845)
Martha (Elizabeth's mom; d. unk.)
Louisa (d. unk.)
William*(living in Bibb Co)
Sarah (single mom in TX)
Chesley (living, possibly in Browns, Dallas Co.)
038G. P.     "3MALChild of Jesse by an earlier wife.
039Jesse     "1MALChild of Jesse, Sr., by Martha and half-brother to the other four children;he is my only blood relative in this line, my first cousin thrice removed.If he lived, he would be age 31 in 1880, and his g-grandchildren wouldbe my fourth cousins. 
040570W. F. Harrell44MFarmer$11,800NCRelative of the wife (Sarah Harrell Rasco) of my ggg-granduncle EzekielBurdine Wilson; more at A Rasco/Wilson/GwinConnection
041Ferreby     "42FKYmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
042Henry     "17MStudentALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
043F. U.     "10MALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
044A. S.     "4FALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
045Miss Julia Blann20FGAmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
046571Ephraim Rasco26MOverseer$720ALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
046.1576John Steadman49MMeth. Min.$2,600GAPastor whose wife, Ruth, will die before 1860 and who will marry secondto Mary Burdine Wilson (Mrs. Isom)Gwin, as Isom will die in 1853.
046.2Ruth Steadman48F
047585John Gwinn*58MWheelwright$1,200TNJohn Gwin*,JMG's ggg-grandpa, buried in Wilsonville; m. Blount Co., TN, 1812; grandsonof Richard Gwin
048Jane *   "56FTNJane Walker *,JMG's ggg-grandma, buried in Cahawba; m. Blount Co., TN, 1812, to JohnGwin
049C. R.     "22MWheelwrightALChesley R. Gwin, youngest sonof John and Jane; m.
050Frances E.     "20FALMary Frances "Fannie" Elizabeth Bell of Bogue Chitto and brideof Chesley; more at Chesley R. Gwin
050.1586Catharine Hoot50F$2,200SCCatharine is the widow of Jacob Hoot.  The Hoots were very mucha part of the Gwins' lives being mentioned more than once in Cotten'sdiary as active in the church, in various deedsof purchases of land, clearly here as next-door-neighbors,and perhaps other places as well.
050.2Henry Hoot26MBricklayer
050.3Robt. Hoot14M
050.4Caleb L. Parish33MOverseer$200SCRev. Cotten's diary entry for 8 Sept 1850,"SABBATH 8TH," reads as follows--
This morning while at breakfast at Dr. U's., I was calledto visit Mr. Parish who is reported to be dying with Erisyilas.  I foundhim very low.  His sense of sinfulness seems not to be very deep.  I triedto point him to Christ but even here in this chamber of distress, my heartwas troubled with another matter.  I and Bro. Guinn both prayed with him. In the evening I visited him again with Sister Ulmer. He is sinking. Iprayed with him and Baptized his infant son George Lawrence. 
The book Vital Data from Cemeteries in Dallas County, Alabama, published1989 by the Central Alabama Genealogical Society, Selma, Alabama, recordsthat Caleb L. Parish, b. 1816, died 8 Sep 1850and is buried at the Liberty cemetery located at White's Bluff, one milesouth of county road #2  in Township 15, Range 9, Section 16. 

Yet this U.S. Federal Census of Dallas County, Alabamaclearly states that some two months later, on 5November 1850, Caleb L. Parish, his wife Mary, and their sonGeorge L., are all living with Catharine Hoot! 

In attempting to explain this discrepancy, I notice that Caleb's widow,Mary, was born in Germany. Since their only child is very young, likelythey have married relatively late and she, perhaps only recently havingarrived in country, speaks broken English which is misunderstood by thecensus taker. Nevertheless, it seems that the Hoots should have been ableto clarify that Caleb is deceased.

050.5Mary Parish30FGermany
050.6Geo. L. Parish2MALGeorge Lawrence Parish was baptized by Rev. Cotten
050.7Robt. Travis32Mnone
051595J. E. Luker38MCarpenterAL
052Elizabeth     "49FAL
053John Jennings10MAL
054599Wm. J. McKnight31MPrinterALSon-in-law of John and Jane Gwin; more at JohnGwin
055L. A.     "18FALJohn and Jane's baby, Louisa A. Gwin; more at JohnGwin
056Frederick Cheeseman44MCarpenterALNative of England who met and married CharlotteBasset there, then brought her to Cahaba, Alabama, USA, where theylived for a while before moving to Matagorda, Texas.
057Charlotte     "45FALCharlotte Basset, oldersister of William Basset (my--John M. Gwin's--gg-grandfather; Charlotte'schildren are my first cousins thrice removed)
058Charles     "18MStudentAL; more at Charlotte Basset
059George     "14MALRobert George Cheeseman, future husband of Mary Lister(#031 above); more at Charlotte Basset
060Arthur     "7MAL; more at Charlotte Basset
061Minna     "5FAL; more at Charlotte Basset
062608G. H. Harrell30MFarmerALRelative of the wife (Sarah Harrell Rasco) of my ggg-granduncle EzekielBurdine Wilson; more at A Rasco/Wilson/GwinConnection
063C. J.     "34FNCmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
064O. A.     "10MALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
065C. L.     "7MALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
066F. B.     "6FALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
067M. W.     "4FALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
068G. H.     "2MALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
069J. L. Cotton (sic)28MMethod. Min.NCPastor of the congregation of the Methodist Episcopal church in CahawbaRev. James L. Cotten; closepersonal friend and confidant of "old brother" John Gwin (no. 47above) and his son "brother" William Gwin (no. 16 above) as evidencedby his own testimony in his many diaryentries.
070613E. B. Wilson50MFarmerSCEzekiel Burdine Wilson, brotherof Nathaniel Burdine Wilson *and JMG's ggg-granduncle, both of whom are believed to have been colonelsin the Alabama militia (see notice inthe Southern Democrat for E. B. and entryfor 21 July 1850 in Pastor Cotten's journal for N. B.); more at ARasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
071Sarah H.     "44FKYmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
072N. B.     "23MClerkALNathaniel Burdine Wilson II and JMG's 1st cousin 4 times removed; moreat A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
073James M.     "19MFarmerALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
074M. A. E.      "17FALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
075E. B.     "12MALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
076630A. Clifton40MMillwrightPA
077Malinda     "40FSC
078Margaret Brazeel14FAL
079S. (F.?) M.     "25MOverseerAL
080649A. D. Brazeale     "29MFarmer$15,000AL
081Sarah A.     "30FAL
082M. B.     "24FAL
084650Drury W. Brazeale28MAL
085651Daniel M.     "22MFarmerAL
086Newton     "32MFarmer$3000SC
087E. S.     "22FAL
088J. R.     "18MAL
089M. A. M     ".10 
090Aken     "60MAL
091Abner M.     "20MAL
092Malinda     "20FAL
093J. E. Ellis 35MEpisc. Min.SC
094James M. Young34MAs Refd Pres MinSC
095#718John J. Wilson31MFarmer$800ALJohn Jones Wilson, s/o Nathaniel Burdine Wilson and JaneJones; more at Wilson.htm
096Sarah B. Wilson33FSCSarah B. Roark; more at Wilson.htm
097Wm. J. Wilson9MALmore at Wilson.htm
098James F. Wilson6MALmore at Wilson.htm
099E. R. Wilson4MALmore at Wilson.htm
100J. R. Wilson2MALmore at Wilson.htm
101J. W. Wilson2MALmore at Wilson.htm
102#735N. B. Wilson58MFarmer$2,040SCNathaniel Burdine Wilson, bro. of E.B. Wilson (070 above), a colonel, according to Rev.Cotten's diary (probably in the Dallas County militia) and my ggg-grandpa.
103Jane Wilson56FSCJane Jones, wife of Col. Wilson; more at Wilson.htm
104W. B. Wilson22MALWilliam Bramwell Wilson; more at Wilson.htm
105James W. Wilson17MALJames Washington Wilson; more at Wilson.htm
106N. M. Wilson13MALNathaniel Marion Wilson; more at Wilson.htm
107I. G. Wilson9MALIsham Griffin Wilson, M. D.; more at Wilson.htm
108#736I. Gwinn33MFarmer$900ALIsom Gwin, firstborn ofJohn and Jane Gwin; he will die in three years, freeing his wife to marryJohn Steadman; his brother William (#016 above) married Isom'swife's sister, Roseanne, making Isom's and William's descendantsdouble cousins.
109Mary B. Gwinn36FSCMary Burdine Wilson, firstborn of Nathaniel and Jane Wilson;more at Isom Gwin
110Mary J. Gwin12FALMary Jane Gwin, wife of William J. Smith; more at IsomGwin
111Martha R. Gwinn6FALMartha Roseann Gwin, wife first of Holley and secondof Bryant Brown Lester; more at IsomGwin
112790Winny Farr40FGA
113Charles Farr18MStudentALA Charles Farr, in this same census and of the same age, isliving on the other side of the county in the home of Will and Roe Gwin(#016 above) working as a carpenter.  It seems to me that bothof these Charles Farrs could be the same person, this being his home ofresidence, the Gwins' being his home of business.  Perhaps he wasactually present in both places on the two different days the census wastaken. His occupation is listed here as student and there as carpenter;if he is an apprentice, both would be true.
114James Farr10MAL
115Columbus Farr8MAL
116Johnson Richie30MGA
117Susana Richie16FAL
118#851Laben Roscoe65MFarmer$7,600NCCLaban Rasco; more at A Rasco/Wilson/GwinConnection
119S. H. Roscoe63FSCmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
120J. A. Roscoe25MALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
121M. A. Roscoe11FALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
122#852J. H. Roscoe34MFarmerKYmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
123M. J. Roscoe31FALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
124S. J. Roscoe11FALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
125R. C. W. Roscoe9MALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
126L. T. Roscoe6MALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
127T. V. Roscoe5MALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
128C. P.  Roscoe1FALmore at A Rasco/Wilson/Gwin Connection
129#883Jesse Rowark66MFarmer$960NC
130Nancy Rowark66FSC
131Mary Rowark22FAL
132Richard H. Rowark21MFarmerAL
133#1012E. M. Wilson24MBlacksmith$350ALThis is Ezekiel Monroe Wilson, s/oNathaniel and Jane Wilson (and named for his uncle, Nathaniel'sbrother Ezekiel Burdine Wilson); he has moved to this portion ofthe county  perhaps to apprentice to an N. J. Lilly, 35, blacksmithfrom NC, who is living next door in residence 1011 in this census.
134S. J. Wilson20FALSarah Jane Cole; more at Ezekiel MonroeWilson
135M. J. Wilson2FALMary Jane Wilson; more at EzekielMonroe Wilson
136J. W. Cole30MClerkALThis is likely the brother of Sarah Jane Cole Wilson and brother-in-lawof Ezekiel Monroe Wilson.