Notes Concerning a PossibleConnection of
Farr, Gwin,and Wilson
Families in 1850 Dallas County,Alabama

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Dear friend,  I am forwarding a group of Farr will's posted onthe internet.  Scroll to the Ephraim Farr will; he died in1784.  His daughter is the one who married James Wilson. Thereis also a David Wilson referenced in the wills.  Yes, my Farrscould have come from either N. C. or Georgia.  Look over the otherwills from Georgia.
I'll send more as I think of it.  Thanks for all the informationyou sent me to research.

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Hi,  Here are some FARR/PHARR records I took some time ago; do notknow if they are yours or not.  Audrey [JohnM. Gwin Note: I have attempted to rearrange these named recordsinto chronological order.  In so doing, I may have misarranged someitems from Ms. Pool's original intent. Please e.mailme if you find such.]

01. Source:  MecklenburgCo, NC Abstracts of Early Wills, 1763-1790 (1749-1790)
"Will of Ephraim FARR of MecklenburgCounty, State of NC, being weak in body. 22dSeptember 1784.
to wife Margaret [FARR], her bed & furniture, herdresser, with four cows & four calves, Negro girl Tina, her chest &table, etc, L 70 in money;

to my son, David [FARR], L25;
to my daughter Margaret [FARR], L 25;
to my sons Ephraim [FARR], half of the plantation I purchasedof Martin PHIFER;
to my son JAMES FARR, half of saidplantation purchased from PHIFER and tools, etc;
to my son Samuel [FARR] the plantation I purchased from DavidWILSON & one half of a piece of land adj. Obtained by a state grant& the benefit of a warrant adj. Samuel MORTON;
to my son David [FARR], the plantation where I now live, theremaining half of land obtained by a state grant, provided the said Davidpay to my daughter Margret, L 50;
to my daughter Margret [FARR], one Negro girl Suse;
to my daughter Hannah [FARR], Negro Phillis;
Negroes Dick & Charlotte, to my son David [FARR] and daughterto be kept on the plantation to raise grain;
to my grandson Ephraim FARR, L 10, and
to my grandson William FARR, L 10;
to my grandson John FARR, L 20;

six children Hannah [FARR], Ephraim [FARR], JAMES[FARR], Samuel [FARR], David [FARR] & Margaret[FARR];
friends Archibald HOUSTON, my son-in-lawJamesWILSON, Exrs.  
Ephraim FARR (Seal).  
Wit:  Archibald HOUSTON, Agness MC LEAN (X), David WILSON, Jurat. WillBook C, pp. 66-68; C. R. 965.801.15."

02. Source:  UnionCounty Will Book A
"Will of William FARR of Union Co.

to my daughter Hannah Green McELDUFF, one Negro girl Sarah thatshe has now in her possession, also one shilling sterling;
to my son Richard FARR, Negro girl Cheyney and a Negro boy Will;
to my step-daughter Brownalias Betsey JETER, Negro woman Henner, Negro girlHager, Negro girl Nance, & the household furniture, and stock belongingto the house where she now lives;
to my son William Black FARR, Negro boy Ralph;
to my son JAMES FARR, Negro boyBaalam;
to my son Thomas FARR, Negro boy Limrick;
to my son John Polaskie FARR, Negro boy John;
to my son Titus Green FARR, Negro boy Wonser;

after the decease of my beloved wife Eliza Tolaferro (TALIFARRO?)FARR or her Intermarriage, all my estate except my land to be equallydivided between my eight children:

Wm. B. FARR,
Jno P. FARR,
Titus G. FARR,
Thomas FARR,
Ann Kincheloe FARR, and
Eliza Frances FARR;
land to be divided between
Wm. B. FARR,
Thos. FARR,
Jno P. FARR and
Titus G. FARR at the death of my wife or her intermarriage;
the labour of my Negroes to maintain & school my eight children;

31 July 1792. WmFARR (Seal)
Witness: Wm JOHNSON, John HAWKINS, Bengamen HAWKINS. Richard FARR,WmB. FARR, Thos STRIBLIN Junior, Exrs. And wife Eliza ToliaferroFARR."

03. Source:  UnionCounty Miscellaneous Record Book 1 & 2
"Pp.  152-253:  Marchthe 6th 1794, Union County:  BetsyBROWN sold to JAMES FARR,[JohnM. Gwin Note: probably her step-brother--see immediately above.]eightNegroes (named).  Betsy BROWN(Seal).  Wit:  John SALE, Lewis DUTTINS.  Proved by John SALE who signedwith Lewis REDLIN (?) 11 March 1794, before Charles SIMS, J. P.  Recorded11 March 1794."

04. Source:  UnionCo, SC Deed Abstracts
James FARR is a witness to a deed betweenJohn P. SARTOR [John M. Gwin Note:It seems to me that this probably is James SANDLIN, no John Sartor.] ofUnion County and Wm GLEN of same.
"James SANDLIN of Union District for $200 to Wm GLENN,tract on waters of Lower Fishdam Creek, a branch of Broad River, part oftract granted to William FARR 15 Oct 1784 on the dividing line betweenWmFARR & Thomas MILES, adj. Wm HOLLINGSWORTH, William GLENN,Thomas SHOCKLY Junior, to the Charleston Road, 100 acres,
29 Jan 1805.

James SANDLIN (X) (Seal).  

Wit: Bern'd GLENN, JAMES FARR, Spilsby GLENN.
Proved in Union District by the oath of JAMESFARR 9 March 1805 before J. P. SARTOR, J. Q.  
Elizabeth SANDLIN, wife of James SANDLIN, relinquished dower 9 March1805 before J. P. SARTOR, J. Q.  
Recorded 1 April 1805."

05. Source:  MecklenburgCo, NC Will Book C:
"247, p 82.  Samuel FARR, Sr.  23Oct 1806, prb in Apr 1807 Ct by the undersigned witnesses.

I will $1 to each of the following :
my son Samuel FARR, [Jr.],
my dau Elizabeth FARR, and

I will to my daus Margaret REID and Hanna A. FARR allthe remainder of my estate including goods, chattels, bonds, and notesof every description.  

Exrs: Trusty friends, William Bean ALEXANDER and Joseph McKnitt ALEXANDER.
Wit: Wm. B. and J. McK. ALEXANDER, Isaac ALEXANDER. CMC."


06. Source:  UnionCounty Will Book B (Transcript) "Pp.  89-90:
Will of James FARR:

to my son

William Farr, one Negro girl Milley;
balance of my estate divided between my wife and three children:
Frances P. FARR, my wife;

William B. FARR,
Regena W. FARR,
Cicily G. FARR, my three children.

Proven & recorded 28 Nov1823 Frances bonded, 20 Jan 1824.  Wit:  D. A. MITCHELL,J. BATES."

07. JAMESFARR is a witness to the will of Thomas C. TAYLOR of Union district,1832.

08. Source:  UnionCounty Will Book B (Transcript): Pp.  369-371:  
Will of William B. R. FARR of Union District.

all property to remain with my wife and children and for the educationof my children;
Negroes should remain on the land until the youngest child arrivesto the age of 21;

the names of my wife and children are my wife Priscilla FARR,
my children
Richard FARR,
Ellendor FARR,
Nancy FARR,
Joseph FARR,
Sarah FARR,
Harriet FARR,
James R. FARR,
Cordelia FARR,
Poulaski FARR and
Daniel FARR;

my wife Priscilla FARR and my brother JAMESFARR, and my son Richard FARR, Exrs.  28July 1845.  W. B. R. FARR (LS).
Wit: Joseph SAUNDERS, Sam'l A. GOODMAN, Josiah FOSTER.  
Proved by Josiah FOSTER. 1 Dec1845."

09. FARR-PHARRof Union County, SC:

FARRS in Index of Will Book for Union County Deed Abstracts:

f. g.
James Richard
Titus Green
W. B.
William B.

10. -----Original Message -----
   From: milton farr
   Sent: Friday, July 16, 2004 9:19 PM
   Subject: farr brothers

I am looking for the family of

James Wilson Farr b.1799and his brother
George Washington Farr b. 1812who migrated to MS. George had a son named
David Dickson Farr, and David had a son
David Jr. b.1874who fought in Civil War in a Mississippi division called the ConfederateRifles. [John M. Gwin Note: Itseems to me that it must have been David Sr. who was in the Civil War,since the war ended nine years before David Jr. was born.]
Do you know anything that could help me?
Pamela P. Farr
contact me at

11. [Thefollowing is my attempt at an outline of this family based on the abovenotes. --JohnM. Gwin]
01._--Ephraim Farr,b. unk.; d. aft. 1784; m. Margaret (nee unk.); of Mecklenburg County,State of NC
02._--DavidFarr,b. unk.;
02._--MargaretFarr, b. unk.;
02._--EphraimFarr, b. unk.;
02._--JamesFarr, b. unk.;
02._--SamuelFarr, b. unk.;
02._--DavidFarr, b. unk.;
03._--EphraimFarr, b. unk.; [John M. Gwin Note: It is not yet apparentto which of the sons these three children were born.]
03._--WilliamFarr, b. unk.;
03._--JohnFarr, b. unk.;

02._--SamuelFARR, Sr.  23 Oct 1806,prb in Apr 1807 Ct by the undersigned witnesses. [JohnM. Gwin Note: It  may be that this Samuel is the same as theabove son of Ephraim, but I have my doubts, since none of this Samuel'schildren is mentioned in Ephraim's will though three of his grandchildrenare.]
03._--SamuelFARR, [Jr.],
03._--HannaA. FARR

01._--WilliamFarr, b. unk.; d. aft. 1792;o f UnionCo., NC; m. Eliza Toliaferro(nee unk.--possibly Toliaferro? Green?; she m1. Mr. Brown); couldhe be a brother to Ephraim, above?;
02._--BetseyBrown, b. unk.; m. Mr. Jeter;
02._--WilliamBlack Farr, b. unk.;
02._--JamesFarr, b. unk.;
02._--John PolaskieFarr, b. unk.;
02._--Titus GreenFarr, b. unk.;
02._--Elenor Farr,b. unk.;
02._--Thomas Farr,b. unk.;
02._--Ann KincheloeFarr, b. unk.;
02._--Eliza FrancesFarr, b. unk.;
02._--Hannah GreenFarr, b. unk.; m.Mr. McElduff;
02._--RichardFarr, b. unk.;

02._--JamesFARR, m. Frances P. FARR, my wife; 28Nov 1823
03._--WilliamB. FARR,
03._--RegenaW. FARR,
03._--CicilyG. FARR, my three children.

William B. R. FARR of Union District; m. PriscillaFARR,

Richard FARR,
Ellendor FARR,
Nancy FARR,
Joseph FARR,
Sarah FARR,
Harriet FARR,
James R. FARR,
Cordelia FARR,
Poulaski FARR and
Daniel FARR;

my brother JAMES FARR, and myson Richard FARR, Exrs.  28July 1845


12. Extractedfrom the 1850 Census of Dallas County, AL, is the family of my gg-grandparents,Williamand RoseAnn Carlisle Jones Wilson Gwin, with whom were living her youngerbrother, Joseph Jones Abernathy Wilson, and another young man, CharlesFarr, who was likely working for and/or apprenticed to William andwho--due to the references to WILSONS in the above FARR notes--may havebeen related to RoseAnn.
547/547 William Guinn 29M Carpenter 800 AL
Roseman   28F   AL
Elizabeth   7F   "
Wm.     2M   "
Joseph Wilson   20M Carpenter "
Charles Farr   18M Carpenter "

13. .