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How to Submit Stories

Submitting Family Stories

Each county with which we are working has an individual addressfor mailing articles to be printed. Do not send any material to HPC. Writeindividual counties at the addresses within this website for detailed brochures.

1. Current residents, former residents, and those with ancestors inthe county may submit stories.

2. Each household may submit 500 words andone photograph to be printed free of charge. Contact individual countiesfor pioneer exemptions. Pioneer families are usually those in a countybefore 1890. One 1,000 word story per pioneer family line will be usedalong with two photographs. Other stories from that particular pioneerfamily are limited to 500 words per household.
You may purchase words above the free amounts at .15 per word. Extraphotographs are $15.00 each.
The standard photograph published free of charge is 2.5"X1.75". Largerpictures and additional pictures will be charged $15.00 each.

3. Authors maintain the copyright to individual stories. We copyrightthe book of compiled stories.

4. Authors are responsible for the content and accuracy of submissions.Neither the committee nor publisher is responsible for content and accuracy.

5. No one edits the family stories; however, submissions that harm orembarrass will not be used.

6. Stories are typeset as submitted, unless the committee corrects obvioustypogaphical errors.

7. Stories must be in narrative format with no genealogical charts,lists, or tabular material.

8. Stories must be typed, or computer generated, and double-spaced onat least 20lb. paper.

9. Handwritten or stories in all CAPITAL letters will be returned.

10. Computer generated photographs must be printed at a minimum of 720x720dpi. They are not to be imbedded within the story but placed on a separatesheet. Scanned photographs should be on photo quality paper. Those on regularpaper reproduce poorly.

11. Photograph captions are limited to 10 words and must be typed atthe end of the story.

12. We attempt to return all photographs but cannot be responsible forlost photographs. Identify your photographs by placing a mailing labelto the back of each one.

13. We accept color and B&W photographs up to 8"x10". You do nothave to size photographs to fit the book. We will size them.

14. The publication date for individual county books will be adjustedas need be to secure a quality publication that reflects that of the minimumvalue of the pre-publication price.

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How to Submit Stories

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